Tuesday, 27 July 2010

For the Record- IM DIDDY, for a reason

Say what you want about the man...call him anything if you will, but NEVER call him broke or dumb. Those are two words that do not fit the man himself Sean Combs aka Puffy Puff Daddy, P Diddy, etc. Mogul- yes; entertainer- of course; Businessman- by all means. For quite some time Ive been an admirer of his work ethic, his visions, his will to persever and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry, and economy. You never can count him out. "Thought I told you we won't stop" has resonated the last decade or more and will possibility hold true for years to come. Manager, producer, artist, executive. How does he wear so many hats, and with apparent effortless ability. Well if you truly wanna know, get it from the horses mouth. Get your notebooks. Diddy dropped by FUSE and put the world up on his game, his blueprint:

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