Friday, 31 July 2009

Lyrics are too real for Florida authorities

Now this has to be the most unfortunate report of the week, besides any deaths which are truly the most serious, and the guy in NYC struck by the branch while jogging, but this out of Florida reveals that a man was jailed for 2 years on account of some overly aggressive rap lyrics. How crazy is that? It was said before that Shyne was convicted partly due to the picture painted of him as violent due to his lyrical content and background. My question is, what happened to the old cliche," its just entertainment. Nearly every artist boasts about what they would do; now you can be sent to jail for it. UMM, anybody ever heard of freedom of speech....certainly not the judge and jury in his county...check it out:

The ACLU is considering the case of a Lakeland, Florida man, who has been sentenced to two years in prison over lyrics in a rap song.

In February, a song by rapper Antavio “T.O.” Johnson was posted to a MySpace page run by local label Hood Certified Entertainment.

Johnson was already in jail for violating his probation from a 2007 cocaine possession charge when the track “Kill Me a Cop,” was posted to Hood Certified’s page.

A Polk County gang detective unit found the song on the page and immediately began an investigation, which resulted in state prosecutors charging Johnson with “two counts of corruption by threat of a public servant.”

for more log on:

Gangsta Grillz no more

Here is more celeb and entertainment drama, reports have it that Young Jeezy and DJ Drama are in the midst of a beef. wow, I guess now a days its like what is music without beef. Some time ago, the South was regarded as the most close-knit and drama less region. No PUN. All it was about was getting money and making music, now we see that things have changed. Check out this exclusive from

Young Jeezy going in on Drama: Jeezy: "Drama just started acting like a bitch. Drama wanted to be Khaled, but he didn’t want to help nobody. He just changed, period. Look at his crew. The same niggas ain’t around him. You ain’t never been in no streets. I could never have no beef with a nigga like that. He’s a cornball. You made millions off my mixtapes, to the point where the fuckin’ feds scooped you up for bootlegging. I never even made the money he made off of Trap or Die or Tha Streets Iz Watchin, because they were selling and distributing them and making money. I’m not hating. But we will never do a mixtape together. I didn’t charge that nigga for [contributing a verse to the song “5000 Ones,” on Drama’s official Atlantic Records debut]. But then when I need [a tape for one of my artists], and you want to charge me $20,000?… I’ll slap the shit out of Drama. He knows that. He wasn’t loyal. But me putting my hands on that man ain’t gonna make him respect what I’m saying. I’m just not gonna fuck with him anymore. "

More Party Updates

Friday July 31st T.G.I.F
Just Got Paid Fridays at Zereoue aka Z 13 Lounge
13 East 37th Street Between 5th and Madison

Party Updates - NYC

Tonight Friday July 31st

Chocolate Fridays at Guesthouse has been moved to Room Service
Located East 21st between Park and Broadway

Arguably the best party in NY on Fridays...Hip-Hop, Rand B, and well blended crowd, best drinks, best dressers, means the best opportunity to have a good time.

Bottle specials and comp admissions if ur there on time, and dressed appropriately.
Dress Code: Strict and Fashionable...


No More Gucci for Nicki Minaj

Some more entertainment news for you dish lovers..recently it has been reported that due to her eagerness to be apart of the America's Most Wanted tour, and to continue to do business with the seemingly powerhouse Young Money/ Cash Money family, Nicki Minaj has cut all ties with Gucci Mane and manager Deb Antney and has picked up the services of Cortez and Gee, managers of Lil Wayne, Drake, and Young jeezy, and others. At the root of the move was the dispute between Jeezy and Gucci, and the overwhelming feel that Minaj could not be on tour with Jeezy and be associated with Gucci Mane. How's that for a chess mover? In addition, it was said to Minaj that Wayne would be a little less willing to due to business had she continued to use outside managemnt. WTF. Is htat what music has become- a monopoly in the making. Use my people, or we cant do business, wow. But hey I guess when its that kind of money involved and that much credibility you can call a shot like that. So Minaj did what she had to do- not bite the hand that feeds her, and cut ties. For more info go here.

Killa is back at it!

Killa Cam, better known as Camron, original founder of Harlem-based movement the Diplomats has recently unveiled the formation of a new company The U.N. with new members Vado, Begetz, Fly Boyz, Charlie Clipse, Byrd Lady, and Young Hustle. In addition he has launched DipSet West, all with the help of Omar "Iceman" Sharif; Sharif is best known for being instrumental in deals brokered for Stingy Fingaz, Onyx, Mariah Carey, ODB, to name a few and executive production credits on the documentary American rap . The new company will focus on film, music, and DVD distribution."When we started Dipset, it was more than just a crew, it was a movement. The U.N. is a continuation of that moverment", Camron told Be on the lookout for projecys such as the U.N. debut album, a bipoic of harlem legend Guy Fisher, as well Killa Season II and The Bakery. For more info go here.


Eminem goes HARD on Mariah

Well, it isn't like we didn't see this coming. Dang! Either the truth hurts or Mariah needs to come clean and put this whole episode to rest!


Wednesday, 29 July 2009













A Low Down Dirty Shame...I mean Introducing Dirty Money!

P Diddy...makes groups, breaks groups (literally), leaves solo stars hanging (so wasn't aware that Donnie Klang had an album but he SO DOES! Honestly! I've seen the tracklisting and everything!) makes groups again, recycling previous members of 'old groups' that he feels are too 'talented' to let go (Dawn - Danity Kane!!! - anything to do with a 'romance' with a certain Day 26 member, much?) and names them 'Dirty Money'. confuzzled...Don't worry, Diddy will explain all!


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Burned for Cheating

What has the world come to - after finding out that her husband had cheated, a 67 year old woman threw scalding hot water on her husbands groin area. The gentleman suffered second and third degree burns from his knees to his abdomen. That landed her in jail on assault charges, but the damage is already done.
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'Slaughterhouse' Rocks

There's a new supergroup in town: Slaughterhouse, made up of Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden, Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9". Each of whom have had lack luster solo careers by Sound scan standards, but mainstays on the underground scene, and thoroughly respected for their lyrical skill; which I support totally. Its been a while since we, the people, have gotten this calibre of raw yet polished lyricism, and to get that in a collaborative effort is much needed. Their debut, self titled effort on E1 music, formerly Koch, is slated for August 11....If u havent heard a sample, bon appetite:

Track Listing: Title:"Slaughterhouse"

1. Sound Off
2. Lyrical Murderers (feat. K. Young)
3. Microphone
4. Not Tonight
5. The One (feat. The New Royales)
6. In The Mind Of Madness (Skit)
7. Cuckoo
8. The Phone Call (Skit)
9. Onslaught 2 (feat. Fatman Scoop)
10. The Phone Call 2 (Skit)
11. Salute (feat. Pharoahe Monch)
12. Pray (It's A Shame)
13. Cut You Loose
14. Rain Drops (feat. Novel)
15. Killaz (feat. Melanie Rutherford & C. Brown)

McNulty changes career?!?

Who's that behind the camera? Surely that's inspiration if ever you saw it?!! This would be the LxEnts ladies dream come true! lol




How dope are this band?








Monday, 27 July 2009

T.I. gets an Ulitmatum

There was a letter from Alfamega to T.I. published on the internet- very personal letter I might add. In so many words Alfamega feels left out to dry by his friend T.I. If you havent read it check it out here. Alfamega definitely offers an ultimatum saying that anything less than a reconciliation will be seen as invitation to war between him and Tip.

Mo Money Mo Problems for Nas

I once thought, as well as many others, that Nas and Kelis were the realest and quite possibly the most grounded couple in the industry. It has come to pass that that is not so anymore. The highly publicized seperation and subsequent divorce has become a S#%$ throwing contest. Kelis wants more money and Nas says that he doesnt have what she and others think. Might have been right years ago when he said Nas was broke, and had not received his just due monetarily for being arguably one of the greatest. SAD! The present has brought even more sadness- little less than a week ago Nas and Kelis welcomed their first child into this world amidst much turmoil and differences. The Rumor Mill has been spinning with reports that Nas was not unjustly denied entry into the room, but that he was inexcusably drunk and late for his first sons' birth. Add that insult to the injury that he has been ruled to fork over 44K monthly for spousal and child support- ouch! Add all of that up and you do have what Puff Daddy, Mase and B.I.G. called Mo Money Mo Problems.

Is The Game a groupie?

Recently in an interview wit Tim Westwood, Jay Z called the Game a groupie; might there be some validity. how many times does a person have to say your name before you think they are obsessed with you. Take a look for yourself:

1. "No beef with Jay" "One Blood"
2. "Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay, I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face" "Westside Story"
3. "Dre told me he ain't doin "Detox," this his only run Ma$e comin back, and Hovi done" "No More Fun and Games"
4 "It's "Me & My Girlfriend" like 2Pac and them, Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Bobby and Whitney "Special"
5. "Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome"Ready to Die" "Reasonable Doubt" and "Doggystyle" in one "Dreams"
6. "Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots "Higher"
7."I was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed up"
8. "It took me a little while but I am now understanding, Jay ****ed up in the first round when he picked olowankandi" "Memp Bleek Iz"
9. "Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober" "300 Bars"
10. "And ain't nobody tryin to take Beyonce from Jay but I know a ***** named Superhead he ****ed back in the day" Wouldnt Get Far"
11."Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there""One Night"
12."Bangin "The Black Album," track #1 she like that Jay ****, that's her favorite'' "Around The World"
13. "Behind the back to Nas he alley oop to Jigga" "Why U hate The Game"

14. "Niqqas show me love in the hood like i was HOV down Flushing" "State Yo Name"

15. "The day Jay retire I'ma park next to the throne, in a Maybach on gold wires, yeah "Hands On The Pump"

16. "Cuz he know Jay-Z departed And these other rap labels know don't feed they artists Talkin blueprint **** you got three garages Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter"

17. "And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'"

18."I'm the king, and you better respect it All I need is Beyonce, and a Roc-a-fella necklace"

19. "I'm the golden boy, and I'm making Hova noise Got the whole world clapping, just like the Nolia Boys"

20. "I told 'em bomp, slow down baby Got to get this **** firm like Foxy, NaS and AZ She said '**** you,pay me So I left her in AZ That's what I get for letting her listen to my Jay-Z"

21. "*****, I'm number one, motherfukka bar none Who else kick knowlegde outside of Hova and the God Son"

22. "U gon make me/ make Jay lose his cool" "Feel It In The Air"

23. "Too much West coast dikc lickn, remember Jay-Z? "1-800-Homicide"

24. "No Em, no Dre, I'm the hottest since Jay" "Get Up"

25. "Cause I'm the man behind the Roc like Kanye West"

26."A pimp like 50, the niqqa to leave you broke ma6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofasingin ain't no niqqa like Foxy Brown and Hova" "Compton to Fillmoe"

27. "I'm runnin the ROC, not Jay, Dame Dash of Hoffa" "Jackin 4 Beats"

28. "Who the fuk holdin me? i was just waitin 'til HOVA leavewit my eyes on the thrown that belong to me" "Round Here Freestyle"

29. "yeah its me and young cass til hov come back" "Aim Ya Gunz"

30. "Throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with renor O.J on the rocks, mix em with ginwhatchu got? the westcoast riding again" "82 Days"

31. "i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay" "Duck Down"

32. "Fake king of new york, U aint Jay z" "soundscan"

33. "Me, Em and 50 racin' this rap siht is basic I followed that Jay siht" "We Aint"

34. "The kings comin', no I'm not Jay-Z" "One Blood Remix"

35. "Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter" "for My gangstaz"

36. "niqqa I'm about a dollar, what the fuk is 50 Cent?When Jay said it, I didn't know what it meant" "100 Bars"

37. "used to push that rock like Jay Hov" "Red Bandana"

38. "then this marcy-project niqqa came and stole the crown" "Im a soldier"

39. "But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt" "Just a lil Bit freestyle"

40. "Who had the hottest chick in the game, wearin they chain Mr. H to the Izzo, Nas and Hurricane" "too Much"

41. " cuz ain't nobody movin units but Jay, pimp Juice and Us" - Down 4 my *****s freestyle

43. "I used to have visions of retiring like Jigga" "Du Rags"

44. "He in a vest with a hoodrat from Marcy with a tattoo of Jay-Z name on her chest" "Its So Hard"

45. "Im classic like Detox & Blueprint 2" "Get Yo Money"

46."Yall thought it was over when Hova retired" "Get Yo Money"

47. "Make the world feel like the niqqas before 2pac Shakur Christopher Wallace & Shawn Corey" "Dont Push Me..."

48. "... He aint teach Jigga how to rhyme" "Juice freestyle"

49. "Im going to same place Jay-z went Fredrico & Pico" "100 Bars"

50. "Hov retired but Compton still pushin Roc" "On & On"

51. "I came to see chicks shake they ass like Beyonce so let me be Hov 4 a min."

52. "All I gotta do is hit her wit a Jay-Z line like u deserve to be my sunshine"

53. "Biggie Smalls is the illest so is pac Jay retired i wonder if nas gon drop" "Unbeliveable freestyle"

54. "i kno they sayin y u gotta mention Jay" "State Yo Name"

55. "First Jay & Beyonce then Nas & Kelis" "A Week Ago Part 2"

56."u 36 And U Still Rappin Uhh, Im 26 And Homie So Iz Da Dubz" "one Blood"

57."So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga" Game on 'Hustlers'

58. "Im ready to die Without a reasonable doubt" "The Documentary"

59. "In '99 i studied +The Chronic+ inside out,a Doggystyle for breakfast, lunch was Reasonable Doubt " "im A Soldier freestyle"

60. "Shouldnt been influenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir Jones & Shawn Corey" "Pain In My Life Remix"

61. Yo Jay what it do niqqa, i done rocked enough fellas,to be u niqqa,i got the 40/40,they my 2 jigga's"

62. The word n!gger, is nothing like *****Don't sound **** alike, like Game like Jigga

63."I was more hood then suge, had more rocs then Jaymore scars on my face then the original scarface, or the homeboy scarface."

64. "i need more than 60 seconds i aint Hov"- Hot 2Nite (Remix)

65."Moved out the hood, changed her name to Jay"

66. "He ain't Nas, ain't B.I.G., ain't Jigga" 300 bars

67. ""Pushing the rock, nah this ain't no subliminal Jay The summer too hot, and I want the winter to stay" Dear Summer

68.""I'm fly like a Hummingbird on a tree topThe new Hov, the new B.I.G., the new 'Pac, I need three spots"

69. ""Ask a Jay-Z fan about Big Daddy Kane, don't know em, Game gon show em" - Games Pain

70. ""She call me Jay I call her B we getting married to the streets" - Camera Phone

71. ""The kings coming, no i'm not Jay-z/ too many *****s hate me, but they scared to face me" 1 blood remix

72. "So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga" Make The World Go Round

73. ""I hear the crowd callin my name Game, Gamebut i'm not one so don't try to play meand this goes from Gucci Mane to Jay-Z" - Laugh

74."hip hop is soft since the Roc-A-Fella break up/and i don't do subliminals I just pick Jay up" - Walk in the streets

75."I'm that six figga *****/who got the word from KRS-One and stole the Blueprint from Jigga" - Feels Good

76."They say at Summer Jam i turned it out/but Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt" - Just a lil bit (G-Unit Diss)

77.""We on that same elevator goin down, Dodger fitted got that Hova lean so they don't notice me" - Down & Out (mixtape version)"


Drake's absence on Jay's new single

It was reported last week on a number of entertainment sites that Drake was reportedly supposed to be featured on the new single "Run This Town" by Jay Z which does include Rihanna and Kanye West; I must say that Kanye went bananas on this song and if u havent heard it, u r lunching too hard. Back to the rumor mill, there was a big question mark surrounding Young Drizzy's absence- and rightfully so! There was so much made of his star studded features sans an album, none bigger than his working wit HOV himself. Now it is rumored that due to Drake's decision to not sign with Roc Nation, Jay has decided not to give him that chance anymore. Wow in all 13 years plus that I have been following Jay, never has there been so much speculation and buzzing about jay and having petty ways. What happened to "Can I live"( Reasonable Doubt); can the next man not? First it was Death of the Auto tune, which I myself am not a huge fan of- I believe we are being oversaturated by this new tech, then you had the supposed hands of Jay being behind the Chris Brown absence on the BET awards,and now this. Is this all a dream, or just great marketing for the upcoming Blue Print 3.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Banksy is this really you?

Apparently this interview was featured in yesterdays 'Guardian Guide'. I mean it's not impossible, with technology in this day and age, to conduct an interview with an 'anonymous artist'.

It's a bit here for a closer look!


Birthday Sex is over-rated!

No, not literally, now that would be just stupid BUT the track 'Birthday Sex' by new kid on the block, Jeremih (what does that spell?) certainly is! ALTHOUGH the remix, however, will be given the time of day as it's actually a lot better...

What do you think?




Well, well, well, Mr Legend! You're just FULL of surprises! Been hearing this around a lot, really like it but had no idea who was responsible for such a great track...well turns out its a lil dance outfit called MSTRKRFT (pronounced Mastercraft) with vocals coming from the cool croonster himself, Mr John Legend!


It's Too Late To 'pologise...It's Too Laaaaaattttee!

Or is it?



Monday, 20 July 2009

Latoya's Tribute song to her brother MJ

Home by Latoya Jackson. It's her tribute song to her brother Michael Jackson

What do you think?




This video is awesome!
'The video was directed by the creative/animation team Shynola, and it features a superhero version of Coldplay singer Chris Martin doing battle with a killer squirrel in a chalk board world.'





T4 on the Beach 2009

LxEnts took the safe option of watching this pop extravaganza from the comfort of our warm, cozy not to mention DRY homes (Sorry Alesha, no matter how many times you say 'We don't care about the rain', it doesnt change the fact that you will remain safe and DRY under the stage roofing whilst the entire audience has to contend with listening to 'Breathe Slow' (now that's punishment if ever I heard it) AND having to deal with the fact that they will be getting a right soaking no matter what!).

Anyhoo...the performances, wasn't particularly impressed's what we liked. well as Basement Jaxx and Dizzee Rascal (video footage was disabled, so lame!)

Here's the not so good...

Pete, this dire performance wasn't entirely your fault. We can blame tripping over your feet and losing your earpiece as part reason BUT it was still cringe-a-rama what with the whole split from Kate etc...should have steered clear of this track, premature much?

Much as we love the JLS boys, we still can't quite figure out the hype surrounding them at the mo. Yeah, catchy track, don't get us wrong but Number 1? We smell a rat!

We've NEVER understood the hype surrounding this group...

Don't get us wrong, we're not saying it's easy but the uk calibre of artists and their standards are slipping, right?





while we're on the subject, is it me or is everyone suddenly coming around to the concept of this new 'WORK" phenomenon?

We've already had Soulja Boy, Ciara's on it...

even (dare I post it) The Saturdays are down with it...

Sorry to disappoint you guys but you're all late on this one! Some of us WORK real jobs that start at 9 and end at 5, where we are under-paid and over-WORKed and the only 'travel' prospects we can look forward to is the 'trip' from your desk to the toliets. Nice WORK if you can get it...(sorry, couldn't resist).


Adaggio covers La Roux

LxEnts are feeling this. Adaggio does Bulletproof by La Roux.

Keep 'em coming!





The Hunger...

This is what took place during Ne-Yo's Manchester 20 mins into the set

The backlash was fierce and uncalled for. The sheer determination of showing up and getting through 20mins of a technically difficult set, physically as well as vocally is a triumph and should be commended. Artists, nowadays, cancel shows at the drop of a hat for a 'common cold', so why is Ne-Yo being penalised for his actions? So what if he cried? That just shows his commitment to his art and his genuine love and respect for his fans. He's a gentleman of the old school, 'you start something therefore you finish'. He was unable to and this was uncomprehendable to him.

Then the whole 'fruit cake' stigma gets added to the pathetic! Oh yeah, we forgot, 'real men don't cry'...oh except when their team loses at FOOTBALL!!!! (men chasing AFTER balls - think about it!). Ne-Yo is a 'gentleman' and we think you'll find, in this day and age, that we'd take Ne-Yo over a footballing, cheating, hoodlum, hoodrat anyday of the week!

Rant over lol here's what Ne-Yo had to say on the matter!

"Basically, I have an issue with not knowing when to say enough is enough, so last night in Manchester, my body said it for me. I got on stage energized and ready to go, even tho for the last 5 days I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection. I paid it no real mind, and kept on going, like I always do. My voice couldn’t take it. From the first song I knew something was wrong. I shoulda stopped there, but I come from a school where no matter what, the show must go on. It wasn’t until about 4 songs in that I came to the painful realization that my voice was done, literally nothing left, and that I would have to stop the show.
Now let me explain something to you:When I say this music, that stage, my fans, THIS is my life, I’m not saying it cause it sounds good in a sound bite. THIS IS MY LIFE!! Not much else matters to me, honestly. My music, my family and the people that appreciate my music…..the fans. THAT’S ABOUT IT!! I’ve never had to stop a show, never dreamed I’d ever have to. So when I had to walk out on that stage and tell 12,000 of the people responsible for making me who I am that I could not perform for them, it literally broke my heart. I cried harder than I have in a very long time with no shame whatsoever.
To anyone out there that would like to question my manhood because of this I’ll say this to you:If the one thing you cared about more than anything else in the world was threatened or even taken from you, if you knew that the people you cared for the most you had to disappoint and it was your fault… and this didn’t spark some kind of emotional outbreak within you…then with no shame I’ll say you are truly a stronger man than I.
To the people of Manchester, know that I love you and I thank you for being so understanding and supportive. And I promise you that you will receive the show deserved.Thanks to the fans for the love and concern.
And to the bloggers….go to hell."

Umm the last part is a bit harsh Mr Yo...we're on your side! so obv you're not talking about us...right?



Lights, iPhone, Action!

What do you get when you take Paul Wall

and this contraption

Paul Wall's new video shot ENTIRELY on the iphone!

We think this works in terms of backing, endorsements and sponsorship with big companies, such as Apple but in reality how far can you go with this? It doesn't really save money as editing will have to work above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the quality is HD standard so will this be a hit and miss?



Friday, 17 July 2009

Pass Go AND collect £200!

The name 'Bluey Robinson' has been floating around on the circuit for a lil while now...LxEnts, we like to take our time when it comes to new talent as one minute they're here and the next...ummm well even WE have to admit we were DEEPLY SNOOZING on this dude! Debut single 'I Know' will tell you all YOU need to know!

For everything 'Bluey' check his myspace and tweet with him!


Jerzee Monet! - where the HELL did she go? This was a big tune!


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tuesday, 14 July 2009



"Born and raised in Brooklyn New York Tah Mac began his career in the mid 90’s as a co-producer, educating himself on how to program drums on a song, and later accomplishing the mastery of learning to finish a record. He expressed his talent and experience in production as early as age 15, working with a team of well-known hiphop leaders of our time, and learned to create his own signature sound. Here are 2 tracks from Tahmac's debut album 'Welcome To Tahland'.

Having cut his teeth with the legendary hip hop outfit, The Def Squad featuring Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman, Jamal, Malik and Da Rockwilder, Tah Mac produced some of the most phenomenal tracks of all time, helping build the Def Squad brand into a staple fixture in hip hop culture.

With a decade of experience under his belt, Tah knows how to create the very best music with top quality artists. Not one to be pigeon holed, Tahmac has worked with diverse array of talent including Jo Jo, Javine, Ciara, Onyx, Leona Lewis, Redman, Aretha Franklin and The Charlatans. Often describing his music as a ‘global sound’, Tah has finally crafted a sound that is uniquely his own."





New MJ Waxwork

Madame Tussards, London unveiled this new MJ waxwork to pay homage to the late King of Pop. It's the last representation of MJ before he passed and the thirteenth recreation which makes him the most featured music artist ever!

We Heart 'The Wire'

Blake Hicks did illustrations of all 'The Wire' characters and we heart this too! Too dope! Check out the rest here.

Choose a different ending

There are a large number of anti gun and knife crime campaigns out there but this, we have to say, is the most relevent and most powerful thus's all about making the 'right decisions' in life. No one has the right to take the life of another, ever!





Monday, 13 July 2009

Art and its imitation of life

They say that art imitates life, rather the question has been posed and I for one have wavered in my conclusion. More recently I have been under the theorem that life has begun to imitate the art. A disagreement with that would be a moot point- just check any surroundings that u r in and how people move, then turn on ur t.v. and it all seems choreographed patterned after what u will see. I recently watched snippets of a DVD that accompanies the debut effort from Maino- which I must say has come all too popular- no one gives u just their music anymore u must get the visual as well; Suddenly my theory was challenged. There's a certain authenticity about this guys music that is backed by credibility- is that not what life is about? If u agree then I ask y do we accept those who cannot prove what they have spoken to be experience. I went on to check sound scan and saw some very disappointing numbers in the way of his sales and I ask y. Is the music not good enough or is the message too real. Have we reached a point where truly content takes a back to seat delivery. Do not take this as a call to buy the album- if u like him support; what this is a call to though is an inventory of what has become of our tastes in music and thus of popular culture. How long can we go on letting life imitate the art and not vice versa.

The Game Strikes Back

I reported last week that Jay Z unveiled the lyrics to the intro of Blueprint III and mentioned 3 of his most recent rivals rappers Jim Jones and the Game, as well as one time friend and business partner Dame Dash. Never one to be hushed, the Game has retaliated with "I'm So Wavy" the title diss track. In doing so the Game has waged verbal war on Jay Z with Beyonce as collateral damage. Many mentions or speculations I should say were made of Beyonces extra-curricular activities, saying some of which is getting it in wit NBA dudes. The Princess of R and B( Mary J is the queen) shocking! How true- who knows I only do the reporting. Hear it for urself here.


Share the Money not the Beef

There's been a newly recorded song featuring Mase and Cam'ron- one time close friends as well as one time bitter adversaries; I for one and most of Harlem should be - feeling this. This is what rap needs - reunions. I think that rappers should focus on their craft, perfecting it, and building their brand. That would mean stopping the beefing and getting the money. Have people learned nothing from tragedy? We've witnessed a lot of violence that has centered around a business, an industry that was meant to service and propel, not damage. Many of the beefs are WWE status anyway. We dont need that; what we need is good music. Much has been made by numerous artists about a need for that old 1990s vibe, and I agree. Although there was the whole East Coast- West Coast thing going on, good music was made aside from that. The 1990s gave us Illmatic, All Eyes on Me, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die, We are the Streets, Its Dark and Hell is Hot, and a host of others. We need that again- meaningful rap. Rap that saves us from depression and misery; rap that gives us a voice again. Jay said it best, "I know that we facing a Recession, but the music thats being made is gonna make it the Great Depression" if you feel me on this share ur views; even if u disagree your opinion is welcome as well.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Joe Buddens Vs. The Wu

The Method Man/Joe Budden beef has begun to take on a life of its own. Recently Wu Tang member, Inspektah Deck came to the defence of Meth, releasing a diss track about Buddens. Buddens has yet to say whether or not he will retaliate but has said that he could cook Deck just for fun. My question is, if Meth did not find it necessary to put something on wax then why Deck? Grown men can handle their own. Could it be that Meth knows he is out of his league? - surely Deck is? Lyrically Joe Budden's is very sharp. Don't forget the Desert Storm days of the A Team, Fab and Bundles. This one might be ugly...for the Wu. Comments anyone?





GURU FT SOLAR - 15TH JULY the KING pop-up store in Covent Garden. We will be there!


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Day In The Life...

This sure passed the LxEnts team by. 'A Day In The Life' stars Sticky Fingers, Omar Epps, Mekhi Phifer, Omar Epps and is, get this, a film told entirely in 'rap form'...O-TAY! so I guess it'll be like one long-ass hip-hop music video?


My girl, My Baby Mama

A host of fourth of July parties went down over the weekend in the U.S. None bigger than Mr Combs' himself- in case u haven't figured it out- Diddy that is. The mogul threw a Beverly Hills get-together in celebration of Independence Day and the life and times of MJ. A wonderful turnout sources say, all too wonderful to be true until, rumored, but unconfirmed, girlfriend Cassie shows up and who else- none other than Kim Porter, the baby mama. Now how awkward is that. There have been many days when I might have wanted to be in his shoes, but this day is not one of them.



LxEnts, yesterday, found themselves in turmoil. The stress of decision making almost too much. Team Hudson or Team Luda? Mr Hudson and friends (Kid Cudi and Kanye) were playing at the Roundhouse for the iTunes Festival and Luda was headling at the Indig02. After much deliberation, the LxEnts team decided that Luda took this one as we reasoned that we had seen Kanye many times before and if you've seen him once...

Upon finding out the event was an under 18's AND sponsored by Choice, my expectations swiftly plummeted from low to zero in 0.0 seconds. LxEnts had been here before...the formula - a below average uk support, followed by a 'rave' for the 'children' to keep them 'entertained' to finish with a lack-lustre 20 minute shoddy excuse for a performance from the headliner and lot's of angry 'children' causing 'beef' with each other in order to vent their frustration. History repeating? It certainly was to begin with. After hearing EVERY single grim(e)/Funky/'urban' track in the whole stratosphere *yawn*, we were eventually graced with the presence of the one we had been WAITING for. I made a point of checking my watch for the show start, I was so convinced it would be over before it begun. 1hr and 20 mins later...Luda was STILL GOING HARD!

Luda has been in the bizz for 9 years and his set list was more than proof of that! Most used expression of the night by the LxEnts team 'Damn, I forgot about that one' - standard! He played ALL the classics as well as the underground tracks for the 'hardcore' Luda fans and his energy on stage was electric. Supported by his right hand man 'Lil Fate' and his amazing DJ, Luda gave his heart and soul and beyond to his British fans with a lil extra on top for good measure. Of course, a tribute to The King of Pop was slotted neatly into his set. The mood of the venue dropped on a most dramatic scale when the first bars of 'Man In The Mirror' reverberated around the room but lifted somewhat with follow up track 'Remember The Time'. Luda gave the crowd just enough time to say their private goodbyes to Michael in their own headspace before cranking up the atmosphere straight out of the roof with the continuation of his set list. He made it clear he had been told to vacate the stage once his 'hour' slot was up but paid that warning no mind as he continued to bang out hit after hit for a further 20 mins, which tipped the venue into the 'danger zone' with regards to curfew laws. What more could we ask for?

Ludacris is under-rated - FACT! Ludacris knows how to put on a show without the reliability of elaborate stage settings, 'flashing lights', scantily if not naked women parading around him and 'special celebrity guests' - FACT! Ludacris embodies the 'hunger' many rappers have replaced with fame, fortune and greed - FACT! Ludacris showed love and respect to the UK crowd - period! Luda - you were right? that 'Number One Spot'? - off the checklist!


The 'Merkle Man' retaliation...

Jammer has something to say, Bizzle!

Enough already?


50 Cent - War Angel Mixtape

Download it here

Let us know what you think?


Where were we?

Gutted! LxEnts found out about the 'Trading Places' party which took place after Wireless last weekend via Twitter! Twitter?!? wtf??? Don't even know what to write and you'll see why :( from ibn jasper on Vimeo.


Rich Mix

This is where you need to be this Friday!

Mercury Music Prize nominee, Sway comes to Rich Mix and will be performing tracks from 'The Signature 2'. His last single 'Silver and Gold' Featuring Akon was a major hit and now his new single 'Mercedes Benz' has just hit the radio its sure to be a big summer for Sway!

You can purchase tickets in advance here but you also have the option of paying on the door too.

For more info click here although LxEnts thinks you know all you need to!


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kanye and Drake's cold war



Well the rumor mill is spinning again and its purpose is to create nothing else than what we love the best- controversy. There has been much made of the video choice for the very popular "Ur the Best" by Drake. To say the least the male population loves it, but the question is what happened to attention to his real fan base- women; whom without a doubt are the real album buyers of this century. Can anybody say poor decision making? The controversy behind it all is the fact that Kanye directed it and many feel the treatment was strategically meant to sabotage the video. Y u Might ask?- I have not the clue. What does Kanye lose in Drake's success. Thus far he has rode the wave I.e. A very hot "Digital Girl" remix. Feel free to chime in on this if u agree or disagree with the rumor.



cheaters beware

Its a sad day when 'creeping', as TLC would call it, can get u killed. Much speculation has surrounded the death of former NFL star Steve McNairs death. The latest breaking news has revealed that the gun found at the scene of his and his girlfriends death, was purchased two days earlier by none other than- his girlfriend. Can anyone say "there's a thin line between love and hate". As a matter of fact u can say it twice. Family of the girlfriend have maintained that she was led to believe that McNair was going to leave his wife for her. But they deny her being distraught over the fact that it had not happened to date. Sounds sketchy at the very least. They've always said that love can make u do some crazy things. Does anyone refute that now?


Keeping it far from 'Lowkey'

This is the brand new single 'We Don't Want Them' by British Hip Hop artist Lowkey and produced by The Last Skeptik. The track is being released in association with Love Music Hate Racism as a response to the fascist British National Party and their recent growth in the face of the recession with Lowkey donating all profits from the single to LMHR. To hear a snippet of the track, click here and to make that all important purchase click here.


This is where LxEnts will be. Keep checking back for the review!


Dang! Once one US artist decides to play Europe, like lemmings, the rest follow it would who's next?


Comedy Central UK

LxEnts have been slacking big time on the comedy front...We've missed Chris Rock and Cedric but we ARE NOT missing Eddie Griffin!

UK support comes from the ones we call 'Slim', 'Kojo' and 'Richard Blackwood'.

Much as we appreciate US comedians showing the UK some love, we mustn't forget to keep supporting our own homegrown talent which is why you need to get on the case (as tickets are selling out fast) and enjoy an evening with Eddie Kadi!


Sorry Guys...

Here's the proof...'s gonna be alright...the world is still turning, guys!


Monday, 6 July 2009

Old Foes Revisited

Controversy is in the air once again; It seems pretty much inevitable that drama must coincide with an album release. Over the weekend while performing for the 4th of July in Las Vegas, Jay Z unveiled the lyrics to the intro to his upcoming album Blueprint III; mentioning very purposefully and non- subliminally The Game, Jim Jones, and former partner Dame Dash. Not much in the need for a publicity stunt, this was very calculated and meant as bait; Something along the lines of what one Curtis Jackson is known for when releasing an album in the near future. I guess we can all gear up and await their responses as none of them have ever been known to hold their tongues. Its gonna be a hot summer in the U.S.


This week's 'Pass Go' is Adaggio The Violinist.. If you don't know better get to know...

'Pass Go'?


Get Involved!


Thirsty Thursdays





Bizzle vs Jammer

...and so the 'beef's continue...anyone smell a 'promo' attack?



If cashing in on MJ's funeral wasn't enough, it would also appear that Michael Jackson HAS NOT left the building. Apparently his 'ghost' is caught on camera during a tour of Neverland on Larry King...What do you think?


Even posting this seems wrong but we're just putting it out there! RIP MJ


Friday, 3 July 2009

This Was It

Michael Jackson's last rehearsal was almost entirely filmed. We find this quite hard to watch...this isn't the Michael we all know, love and remember? It's like he's just going throught the motions. There's no denying that he wanted to put on the best show he could one last time for his fans but it's evident there was no more fight left! RIP MJ :(





'Roller Babies'

Ha! Quite like this!


Thursday, 2 July 2009


You shouldn't be anywhere else than

right here!