Tuesday, 30 September 2008

It's that Friday Fabric Feeling!

This Friday at Fabric is serious! Let's just put it this way:


Room 1

Dynamite MC DJ Set
Plastic Little (Live)
Foreign Beggars (Live)
Scratch Perverts
Freq Nasty

Oh my days!!!!


For the Brummie Hardcore Ravers!

For ticket info go check the myspace: www.myspace.com/chicksdigjerks

This is YOUR time!


Raw Talent! - Skinnyman - the man who can!

Yesterday LxEnts were here:

Where were you? This night was all about RAW Talent! and despite the low turnout, the vibe was nice and the network links were serious! All the performers did their thing, no doubt but we have to take our hats off (well we would if we were wearing one!) to Skinnyman and The Thirst!

LxEnts were first introduced to Skinnyman, years back via a BBC documentary about pirate radio stations (does anyone remember that programme? It was big!). At the time, no real impact was made. A couple years later, SK Vibemakers (Know Yourself Out Here) handed me a mixtape, whilst exiting Departure in Aldgate and there was a certain track that we couldn't get enough of! I'll Be Surprised by Skinnyman! and the rest, as they say, is history!

It's all been a bit quiet in the Skinnyman camp but yesterday we fell hard all over again! Playing some exclusive material, Skinnyman's unique story-telling ability alongside his hardcore rap flow was dynamite and had the crowd hanging on his every word. Controversial as ever, he voiced his views on the knife and gun crime wars terrorizing our streets and wasn't afraid to lay the blame firmly on the Governments door!

Last night was a big indication of what's to come from Skinnyman and the Mud Fam and we cannot wait for the next installment! Stay locked to LxEnts for the latest coz we are 'on dis ting!'.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Label Exposure - No Hat's, No Hoods!

Not content with bringing us the most bad-ass grime events this side of the universe, it has been brought to our attention that Dirty Canvas also have a rekkid label...'NO HAT'S, NO HOODS' and a single release today 'The Message Is Love' by Silverlink, Badness & Jammer!

Spread the word, support the movement!


JME-Famous Tour!

On Friday 10th October, you need to be here!

Dirty Canvas is proud to present J.M.E Live in concert @ Astoria as part of his Famous tour. After hitting the I tunes Top 40 album download chart with his debut album, he continues to break down barriers for unsigned artists by headlining his own concert. Tickets are already selling fast so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

tickets are available here


...I KISSED A DOLL...that's just weird, right?

yep, you guessed it! A limited Katy Perry 'I kissed a girl' edition doll will be released next week. I thought you had to be some kind of legend or something to be immortalised in plastic but evidently this just ain't the case...thoughts???


Welcome to 140 Grime Street! - Hope you enjoy your stay!

After mucho anticipation and an amazing marketing campaign (Rize of the Robotz-we salute you!), 140 Grime Street is DROPPED!!!!!!! It's time for a return to the old skool people! Remember the days when owning an original hard copy of a cd was the lick and there was no talk of 'lending it out' until you had rinsed it and obtained all the information to track down said person if they took too long to bring it back?! that is what i'm talking about! GO BUY IT-ITS THE WAY FORWARD AND YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE! - STANDARD!!!

I'll EVEN list the tracks so you can see how much of a dodo (as in the animal, jeez!...) you would be NOT to buy it!

140 Grime St



Hunting We Will Go Ft
These Mcs Ft
We Gangsta

Anywhere We Go Ft
Missing Me

Seems Like Things Have Changed

Don't Come Around Here
I Stand By It

Soldier Ft
Mikey J
I Like It
Off Licence
Too Advanced

Aim For The Sky

...Don't forget the Album Launch Party tomorrow...if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're LATE!


Janelle Monae - Many Moons

...like a breath of fresh air...


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Don't Cry!

Isn't it Ironik? LxEnts had a hunch that Ironik would blow as soon as we heard 'So Nice'.

The production had that 'je ne sais quoi' element to it. It was definately one of those tracks where you thought 'I can't quite put my finger on it but this guy's going places' type thing, and we were 100% correct! Love him or hate him, Ironik has achieved major success in such a short period of time, industry wise, and spreads a positive vibe through his music which is what everybody needs in these hard and trying times!

Fast forward to '08 and here we are proudly plugging his debut album 'No Point Wasting Tears'. For the UK industry to flourish, you have to go out and support! The album is out THIS MONDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER, available in all stores and all digital download. There will be no tears wasted if you do the right thing. We promise! ;)



Are you into indie, alternative & electro? You are? Really?

Did we just make your day?


LxEnts presents...Visionary Underground

LxEnts presents...is a new segment focusing on new discoveries in the music biz through myspace/bookface, the old fashion gig a&r spotting or any other weird and wacky medium you can think of...

Today we PRESENT...'Visionary Underground

LxEnts discovered this band through myspace association and have been hooked ever since! LxEnts first heard, lead singer, Damion sing at a open mic night in South London many moons ago. Having a great ear for a great voice, we found him on myspace soon after and always checked in on his page from time to time and that's how we stumbled upon this lil gem! Damion had joined 'Visionary Underground'-result!

Visionary Underground consist of 5 members: FeelFree (DJ/Producer), CoCo (VJ/Visual Artist), Damion (Singer), Duane Flames (Rapper) and Dr Das (Live Base - Ex Asian Dub Foundation). LxEnts try to swerve the ole 'cliche' music genre descriptions which is why all we are going to say is listen here ...

I don't think we need to say anymore...actually we do...the myspace music player can only do so much, if it sounds this good already, imagine a LIVE performance??? You don't need to, imagine that is, because look what we found:

We don't think you need to be told twice!


Friday, 26 September 2008

Jelluzz - You should be!

LxEnts have a soft spot for Jelluzz...we were feeling this track, nuff!

He's got a new track and vid - 'Hold On'. check it out!

We like this too...thoughts????


All you gotta do is put pen to paper!

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a roving reporter? Do you class your pencil or pen as your weapon of choice? Think you know all there is to know about one or more of the following subjects:

*music albums
*music singles

Then you are the person The 405 have been looking for all their lives! The 405 is a music and arts review website that specialises in everything music and art related and they are pretty darn good at it!

Send an email to this address:


...to apply...what you waiting for...?


Brummie Massive - It's Your Time!

LDN is obv where the party scene is at but we must admit, this night sounds alright, still!! LxEnts are slightly tempted to take a road trip to Birmingham, just so we can attend this Launch night tonight:


That's not his name...

Marvin (without the Martian) puzzles LxEnts. Why has this guy not blown yet? He's supported Akala, Lethal Bizzle,he's supporting DJ Yoda - Friday October 3rd (see what we did there Marv?), his live shows are on point, his lyrical content is clever, his delivery is simple yet effective, his video concepts are creative, he created 'grindie' - a fusion of grime and indie-we like that! and he's a nice guy! Don't believe us? Well check this out (We know its teeny tiny writing! Click on it and all shall become clear!):

Time to make things happen? Huh? Well you can start by purchasing the album 'Devil in the Distance' on itunes!!!! GO NOW PLEASE!


Flying without wings...

We, at LxEnts, have never had the pleasure of meeting Miss Adelaide Mackenzie in person but we still feel the love via all the good we have heard about this remarkable lady! Blessed with a beautiful voice (Adelaide will be singing @ Wembley Arena as support to Jazzie B for Culture 8 Olympic Way) and an even more beautiful heart, Adelaide also runs and hosts her own open mic showcase every 2nd Friday of the month.

The flyer is here:

...what more do you need to know? Go and support! - it could be the best decision you ever make!


Ghetto - Sing For Me

New Ghetto video



Are your beats the baddass???? Put it to the test!

Picture the scenario. You're an up and coming producer but not just ANY up and coming producer, you are the hottest on the scene right now and can't feel the love! You spend most, if not all, of your life on myspace trying to holler at that one artist that could make that dream a reality but...nada!!! Don't worry, LxEnts have got your back! Diamond, the infamous Ragz 2 Riches producer who has worked alongside the likes of Kele Le Roc, Terri Walker and Gappy Ranks, wants YOU! If you think you're tracks are ready to take on the world, forward your 2 BEST INSTRUMENTALS along with:

*Full Name
*Contact Details (Telephone number)

to noflawsdiamond@gmail.com

If you're beats are banging, one of the Ragz 2 Riches team will get back to you, if not...back to the mixing board!

Just do it!


For all The Yorkers Massive!!!

We, at LxEnts, like to cater for all, so here you go, York Folksters!

...and you keen London folk...you're more than welcome too, of course!


What do you get when you take the One Trick Pony crew and some paint?

ummmm you get THIS!!!!!
Dang! It's all getting a bit too much! - You know it makes sense!


Wanna be in the new Tinchy Video???

For all you aspiring models out there, Stryderman is looking for girls to star in his next video 'Rollin'. If you are over 18, go here, send a message making sure you label the header 'Rollin' video' and the rest as they say is history!!!


Thursday, 25 September 2008

Get Loaded

...with Meaning here:


Busta - What it is right now?????

Dearie me, Mr Rhymes! It's not looking good hey? Dropped from his label and now detained at a UK Airport...see here:news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7635992.stm

hmmm, sounds dodgy! He's been let in twice before so what's the problem now? Busta was due to play at the Orange Corps Charity concert tomorrow. It's been reported Luda has been drafted in as his replacement . . www.orangerockcorps.co.uk/2008/09/25/urgent-news/

That didn't take long hey?

Methinks it's time for the old lucky rabbit foot, four leaf clover, horseshoe...

(I think they want their chains back!)



What you up to on Sat afternoon? Feel like voicing your opinion on the theme of 'abstraction and distortion' in art, perhaps? Well get yourself down to 'Tate Britain' on Saturday 27th September!!! This is happening there:

'...live art music and theatre, creative workshops, debate and free food.'





Toddla T &MC Serocee

Zezi Ifore

Dollop DJs


Rival Consoles

Lady Luck Rules Ok!

Pretty cool huh? and best of all...(the magic words?) IT'S FREE!!!!!

We'll see you there!


From strength to strength...

Aml Ameen - nuff said...but just in case you've been hiding under a rock, Aml Ameen is a UK force to be reckoned with! Where do we start?? Ameen has starred in Kidulthood (Trife), The Bill (Lewis Hardy), Dis/Connected, Fallout (I don't think you need me to continue, we could be here all day!) and now this

Watch it...if you're out, then Sky + it, if you haven't got Sky +, then ask a family member/friend to record it for you, failing that you can watch it on the BBC iplayer via the BBC website! You now have NO excuse!


DnB, DubStep Spesh!

O me o my...what a treat! Yeh, we're telling ya the day before, which may be awfully short notice for some of you planners out there but spontaneity is the key to life and this line-up is the door the key fits into so make it happen!


Put Em Up!

Boog-A-Loo crew are a crew of Dj's that play all the music outlined on the above. They are sooooo good, that as well as the above, they also have residencies at the following:

Trouble Vision @ Corsica Studios
Get Fuzzy @ 93 Feet East
Bassics @ Corsica Studio

Wanna try before you buy? Go here: www.myspace.com/tbalc


girlgang Clothing - Sale now on!

girlgang clothing does what it says on the tin...It's about being a girl and proud! No, not in the Lindsey Lohan way (although LxEnts has no problems with this...) but more in the way of celebrating girlyness through the power of fashion!

Wanna check it out? go to www.myspace.com/girlgang

psssssttt - they got a sale on too - 20-50% off - don't tell anyone!


Do YOU have what it takes to be part of the Roll Deep E- Street Team????

Roll Deep are looking for a promotional E-Team. If you qualify as one or more of the follwing, please apply now!

*A Roll Deep fan

*Have access to a computer

*Think you've got what it takes

*Willing to work...hard

you can apply via the Roll Deep myspace which is here:


Good Lucky!

You can also catch Roll Deep Live at Mucha Marcha @ Proud Gallery, in Camden on Friday 6th October. Tickets are priced at a mere 6 squid! Support will be in the form of A Cyde and Afrikan Boy (Mr Lidl himself!). Dont 'Do Me Wrong' - Go see!


Ain't It Black...is back! (see what we did there!)

Just do as the flyer tells ya!


...and there's more...

Remedy has been running for quite a while now and we, at LxEnts, are not sure why it doesn't get shown as much love as OTHER (we are naming no names but you know who we mean!!!!!) live showcases!

It's free before 8pm - many others are not (even on the industry list), it not only showcases singers, MC's and musicians, it also showcases the talent of the producers striving to continue to push the music scene forward.

Go support, the best things in life are free (or very cheap at least! - £5 for the rest of the night? that's a bargain!)


...The raving months are upon us...

Isn't it funny how there is a period of months when ma-hoosive events are hard to come by and then, like the buses, they all come at once????

Be here Friday!


How Exciting!

Pretty self explanatory, no? (That's rhetorical!)


Wednesday, 24 September 2008


LxEnts want a Blackberry Bold...bad! Not any more...we heart, need and want this much much more!



check this out...dang!!!!!


Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Yep...soon come! How good does this look! The anticipation is killing us out here!


Kidz In The Hall feat Estelle - Love Hangover - Exclusive

Kidz In The Hall...what d'you about that?...is that silence I hear??? tut tut tut! and here we were thinking you guys came to peep our blog to brush up on your already extensive entertainment knowledge!!! How could we be so wrong!!

Kidz In The Hall started life with Rawkus Records and released some bangers like...

Wheels Fall Off

...then they parted ways with Rawkus and are now signed to Duck Down Records which leads to this banger right here

Love Hangover - Kidz in the Hall feat Estelle

I think we've said enough...go check out their myspace:


but not before you've checked out (the video) and brought the track (from Itunes)

Ok, be gone!







Free Beer??? Yessir!

This Thursday - get yourself down to Jaguar Shoes for a 'private' viewing from artist, Matthew The Horse. Matthew The Horse has ddesigned exclusively for 'The Guardian' and his works are 'thinking but fun' pieces...

Check it out:

Wi? Oh Wiley?

Dont get me wrong, the music industry is cut-throat! Industry heads are out to make a quick buck in a short time frame, mostly, at the cost of the artist! THIS is just DUMB though...why would you do this?

09-17-2008, 07:59 PM
Wiley. Wiley. is offline
Senior Member

Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 621

my deal was 200,000 i got 100,000 upfront paid manager and lawyer 25,000 between em.so i go to make the album and the manager turns out to be a producer safe.then all of a sudden we have an album that i aint even made a beat on jus cos i was tryna jus listen to what im told to do.jus b4 we deliver the record my lawyer has let me know sumthing i didnt know the recording budget is now coming out of my advance i didnt moan but when he told me that the costs were meant to be 20k but now they are 50 grand and still goin i said na every1 **** off cos i was looking at the 200,000 and this jus 1 situation that went on so you can imagine how i feel towards the label and the manager.let me walk people im a music boy im not tryna be famous anymore i jus want music money
The Godfather of Grime.

This was posted on the RWD forum for all the world to see...tell it to Watchgdog, dude!


You, TOO, could own your very own MJ Doll???!!!!

...yep, by December 2008, you can own a lil piece (all moulded correctly with no chance of 'bits' falling off anytime soon if you take good care of it! - wrong on so many levels, we know!) of Michael Jackson!

This lil gem doesn't come without lil extras. Included you will find:

*Hot Toy's new 'True Type' slim body with 38 points of articulation for the more difficult moves!
*Trademark sequinned white glove
*Sequined black coat
*White socks
*Black shoes
*Black Hat
*Microphone with stand
*Three sets of interchangeable hands??? - the crotch grabber, perhaps?
*12 inch figure stand with MJ Nameplate



...and its all because of you...NE-YO - HAMMERSMITH APOLLO 22/9/08

2008 is officially 'The Year of the Gentleman' and Ne-yo made that crystal clear during his hour long set at the Hammersmith Apollo yesterday! The set consisted of simple drapes and equally simple lighting, 4 female dancers, full band and the man himself! Such a simplistic yet amazingly effective concoction gave a spell-binding show which celebrated the many beautiful diversities of being a woman and the true vunerability of a man!

He opened with 'So Sick' which I, at first, found odd but it was all part of the journey that we were undertaking with Ne-yo. From the first note of 'So Sick' to the last note of 'Closer', the entire auditorium was singing along with a lil two step here and there and this even included the tracks that the ghost-writer kindly pointed out (as if we didn't already know!) were written by him for the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce (a lil bad blood here, perhaps?? lol ;) ).

Ne-yo has his game on lock! He understands how to appeal to a mass audience and his incredible aura and sexuality on stage makes all the ladies want to be his 'Miss Independent, Sexy Love' for sure! WHEN he comes back - don't sleep - GO SEE!

In the meantime...WHAT A TRACK!


Monday, 22 September 2008

What's Going On? - 22/9/08

...the weekend is over (sigh) SO WHAT????...weekdays are the new weekends! LxEnts will provide you with a quick glance what's on this week and every week from now on! Arn't we good to ya! To submit a listing, email lynx.ent@gmail.com asap!!!!

If you cant find anything to do out of this lot then you deffo need to get out more! ;)

Monday 22nd September - ok...our bad! its a tad quiet today...but it is Monday...jeez...
Ministry of Sound Freshers Party - Ministry of Sound
Ne-Yo (support by Taio Cruz) - Hammermith Apollo - LxEnts will be here!!!!!

Tuesday 23rd September - yeh alright still looking a lil quiet...

Flobots - Kings College (King Tutts)

Wednesday 24th September - ...(tumbleweed)
One Republic - The Forum

Thursday 25th September
Yoyo - Notting Hill Arts Club

Friday 26th September
Club NME - Koko
Omar - Jazz Cafe
The Official Fatboy Slim Beach Boutique 4 Pre-Party - Concorde 2 (Brighton)
FabricLive - Fabric
The Gallery - Ministry of Sound
8th Birthday Party - Herbal
Levi's One To Watch - Metronomy + Others - The Macbeth
Eat The Beat - The Rhythm Factory
DHF - Relaunch Party - Mass (Brixton)
DMC World DJ Championships - Indig02 @ The 02 Arena

See I told ya it would get better! ;)


Friday, 19 September 2008

'Get The F*** Up'

Seems like just yesterday LxEnts recieved the sad facebook message news (safe Dapo!) that Mr Monch had cancelled his Jazz Cafe gig due to 'ill health'! Hmmm??!!! anyhoooo the rescheduled date is...TODAY! Yes, it's short notice and the promo has been a lil weak but if you're a fan, you know what to do!

Don't say I don't hook you up!!!!!


Friday 19 September 2008

Doors 7pm
£25 adv
New York Hip Hop legend


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ruff Squad

Ruff Squad are Tinchy's crew...wasn't mega keen on them to begin with but this track could be the turning point!



Victoria Beckham's Desktop...exclusive!

This is one of the funniest virals we've seen in ages...we just couldn't resist!



Cool Kids!!???

The Cool Kids are whipping up a lil frenzy here in the UK...I really like their flavour, they do the 'old skool' thang well.



What More Can I say?

Secure your ticket now for

Udiscuss October double-header, Register now!

Spaces are going fast. Register now for our 'First 50' offer and receive the following benefits:

• Guaranteed access to BOTH seminars*

• Invite to Udiscuss end of seminar party (with special guest performances)

• Entry into competition to win paid work experience at Frukt

• Discount to October ILUVLIVE with DJ Ironik

• Access to exclusive video content from previous seminars

IMPORTANT: The First 50 offer requires you to attend BOTH seminars*

(*Failure to attend Paid In Full on Oct 8 will void the First 50 offer AND your entry to the Urban Regeneration finale on Oct. 13)

PAID IN FULL Monday 6th Ocotober 2008 (7-9pm)

Tips on improving cash flow through digital sales, 360o deals, aggregator, spin-offs, track licensing, merchandising and other money-making enterprises.

Speakers: Tinku - Muthas Music (Amp Fiddler, Bugz In The Attic), Billy Grant- 2 Point 9 (Jay Sean), Olly Hodgson - Coda Agency, Andy Varley – Insanity Group

URBAN REGENERATION Monday 13th October 2008 (7-9pm)

The final Udiscuss session looks at the black music scene in the UK and asks what the future holds.

Speakers: Jasmine Dotiwala -Head Of MTV Base, Lorna Clarke Head of Programmes, 1Xtra, Andy Duggan -Primary Talent, Mpho (Artist), Bashy (Artist), Desmond George - GGI Enterprises, Ghetto (Artist), Fusion -Urban Development, Paulette Long -Westbury Music & UD Board

How to get there....

Venue: Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH

Tube: Chalk Farm (Northern Line)

Buses: 393, 168, 31

Visit our website for more info... http://www.urbandevelopment.co.uk

...The info speaks for itself...follow the instructions and make a milli...

Where The Party At?

It would appear that the recent saying 'Thursday is the new Friday' seems to be ringing true these days...ummm so Gym Class Heroes, Matter Launch...



(sigh) just not enough hours in the day...