Friday, 31 October 2008

Moving House!!!??


The above is a Scandinavian prototype of a moving house! The thought process questions a 'travellers' life. The obvious answers as to why we are not free to 'flutter from place to place' as and when are work, how? - in a physical sense, where? with regards to planning your destinations and life obligations with regards to uprooting children etc...but the reality is simply property or land! What's the first thing we want travellers to do when they reside anywhere in our vicinity? LEAVE! The 'walking' house aims to challenge this reality! Could this work?



You should be reading....

This was a recommended read from Tinchy's blog and it does sound like a book LxEnts needs in it's life!

Jerry Heller co-founded Ruthless Records with Eazy E and famously signed NWA! Need I say more!!!



Lil Wayne Feat Bobby Valention - Mrs Officer/Comfortable

LxEnts are proper FEELING this needs work!



Electro is the new...EVERYTHING!!!

Dang! Out with the old, in with Electro!!!! Even Kelly Rowlands on it!




Thursday, 30 October 2008

Obama on the left, Mcain on the right...


Theophilus London - Higher

Just peeped this dude on 'A Tribe Called Next' and had to reblog coz this is a dope boy funkyfresh banger of a joint! LxEnts give this a serious 'thumb uppage'.

"HIGHER"-Theophilus London (feat.Jesse Boykins III) from The ICU on Vimeo.


Brand Spanking...

LadyHawke with 'Delirium'

LxEnts are ma-hoo-sive LadyHawke fans and heart this one as much as all the rest!

Catch LadyHawke tonight at The Scala supporting The Black Kids and try come back and tell us that she's not hectic! We dare ya!



TRL Live, in the states, has been around like forever and although we, in the UK, can't see it or hear it, it's just something that's always been there. We even tried to do our own (very badly, it was wiggidy wack!) but yes, alas, the rumours are true! TRL LIVE are calling it a day after 10 years. Sunday 16th November will see TRL play out for the final time for the 'Total Finale Live' show. Carson Daly will host as he was the fist TRL presentr back in 1998 and confirmed guests, so far, are:

*50 Cent
*Fall Out Boy
*Bey Bey
*The Backstreet Boys
*Mariah Carey
*Snoop Dogg
*Taylor Swift
*Fred Durst
*Good Charlotte

TRL Live played a big part in launching the careers of practically all the most successful solo artists and groups that we know today and it really will be the end of an era! :(


Behind The Mic

Feel like taking in some up and coming talent from the world of music, comedy, poetry and performance. Look no further than:


Close Up

Swiss from So Solid will also be representing!


Fright Night - Do It Right!

New cloak and nowhere to go? Got your fangs whitened and nowhere to show 'em off? Have no fear, LxEnts is here!

As well as a full event listing for Hallowe'en weekend and every other weekend, starting tomorrow, we're giving ya a head start by posting up any Hallowe'eny (or not) type events we stumble upon today!

Starting with:---------->


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Giggs and DARNELL SWALLOW?!? World Takeover??

It has to be seen to be believed! Darnell Swallow (of BB9 fame) recently hooked up with BET winner Giggs!

World Takeover????


...Do You Fancy Cutting Patterns...?

...for 'LUKE MILEY?'. Luke Miley is an fresh, fun and exciting entertainment agency which primarily works within fashion, music, photography and PR. Their expertise has been hired by the likes of:

*Def Jam
*So So Def
*Choice FM
*BBC 1xtra
*Hot 97

just to mention a few. They are currently hiring patten cutters based in the UK. You should be, ideally, studying fashion at college or university level and seeking work experience within the industry.

If you think you tick all the 'that's me' boxes, email:

for more info!


Brand Spanking...

T.I featuring Rihanna - 'Live Your Life'



N-Dubz - The Album - Soon Come!

When N-Dubz burst onto the Channel U scene with the ridiculously infectious track 'Better Not Waste My Time' you could be forgiven for thinking 'ahhh yet another one hit wonder group'. Boyo, did they prove you wrong! N-Dubz go from a strength to strength. LxEnts remembers seeing them perform at The Fly and being blown away by the incredible voclas of Tulisa and the stage presence and x amount of energy from the group as a whole and knowing they were gonna blow! big!

Now would you look what we have here!!!!

1. (Intro)
2. Wouldn’t You
3. Strong Again
4. Don’t Get Nine
5. I Swear
6. Ouch
7. N-Dubz Vs. Naa-N-Dubz
8. (Skit) Public Transport
9. Love For My Slum
10. Better Not Waste My Time
11. Work Work
12. Feva Las Vegas
13. Defeat You
14. Sex
15. Secrets
16. Papa Can U Hear Me
17. (Outro)

Yep...the album! 'Uncle B' (aptly named after Dappy's late father) is scheduled for release mid-late November! LxEnts are 'on this ting!'.

N-Dubz, we salute you!


Brand Spankin...

...Tinchy Stryder - 'Rollin'


How low can you go??!!!

'Sagging' is now a criminal offense in many cities in the states and 'pull up your pants' law's are being implemented. A violation of this law could result in up to a minimum 60 days in jail and/or a $500 fine! True stories, I kid you not!

What's so cool about wearing your trousers like conjoined socks anyway? Is this going too far???? Thoughts???


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Yum Yum!

How cool are these wall lights?
The artist responsible is a Mr Timothy Burg. He had this to say about his work:

'My recent work revolves around notions of cultural consumption. I intend to create a tension between what is fun and what is grave in order to pose fundamental questions about the consequences of overconsuming. I employ humor and metaphor to simultaneously disarm the viewer and challenge them to evaluate the larger implications of our culture’s habit for making things disappear.'






Brand Spankin...Estelle

'Come Over' - hot! Damn! Big track!


Brand Spanking - Mariah Carey

Titled...'I stay In Love' - with tracks and videos of this calibre, the rest of the world WON'T be with you, Mariah!


The Body of Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Found!

LxEnts are sad to report that the body of Jennifer's missing nephew was found in a white SUV, wanted in connection with Julian's disappearance, dumped 14 miles from the crime scene. We cannot begin to imagine what they are going through and pray that the Lord gives them will give them strength and mercy!



It's A Wrap!

If you haven't copped 'Wretchtrospective' yet by Wretch 32, watch this:

Now what you gonna do?


Oh My God, I Don't Believe it!

Lily's back! With this track!

Everyone's At It

Our Lil's been away, musically, for quite some time now. Is she able to salvage her 'credible' music career or have we been saturated with too much 'paparazzi, attention seeking' Lil to care either way? LxEnts thinks this track is a goer so we wish her all the best...especially if it means that she stops writing her entire sad life story on her myspace blog ;)


Monday, 27 October 2008

U 'Get Me!'

Wanna be here this Wednesday? Let's rephrase NEED to be here this Wednesday!
...message here for guest list and further details.


Brand Spanking Bobby V - 'Beep'


Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

LxEnts are uber excited about this one! Underworld movies are big! Check out the trailer for the third installment Underworld: Rise of the Lycans! Due for release the first quarter of 2009!



Keri Hilson Overload

Keri Hilson sure is a busy lady! When she's not taking on 'Superhuman' powers with Chris Breezy...

...she's got Timbo 'Returning The Favor'

We're quite looking forward to hearing her debut album. We like her sound, we like her style!


Sir Fiddy????

Fiddy has decided to share his business secrets and money making wisdom with 14 hopefuls in an 'Apprentice' type show with a twist. In all honestly, it looks really rather....GOOD! check out the trailer!

We'll keep you posted!


wtf???? - Our thoughts are with you!

Whilst out Saturday evening, a member of the LxEnts team asked me whether I knew if Jennifer Hudson had been shot 'as well'. As well as whom?...confused, much? I thought it must have been crossed wires. Later on, we found out that she hadn't been shot but her mother and brother had been brutally murdered. We can't even begin to imagine what she is going through! The Hudson family are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers!


Friday, 24 October 2008

Truth Hurts Huh?

LxEnts will never forget the day they stumbled across this Banksy work of art one evening whilst on our way to Nandos, Soho. At first we thought it was a fake! It couldn't possibly be? Could it? It can! It was! but soon it will be no more! Why? Well despite homelessness, poverty & the credit crunch, for crying out loud, the removal of this piece of art is a far more 'pressing' matter and needs to be dealt with asap according to the Council! Leaving it be would 'condoning grafitti' and that would 'just be wrong hey? Nothing like getting your priorities in order???

If you want to catch it before it's removed, it is located on Newman St off Oxford Street (the road directly across from Wardour Street). Time is not on your side!

LxEnts, sexy-uh ohhhhhhh!'

LxEnts are not fans of Motorola but THIS is a bit too darn sexy to deny!

Specs? Check this:
*Aura Sports Band GSM
*2 mega-pixel fixed camera (could deffo be better, technology's come a long way! lol)
*Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR with A2DP
*email messaging
*multi-media playback
*and a source browser (the company name has not been released yet)

Hmmm not bad!



Brand spanking new AD - Mo pt2 ft Dutty Goodz & Sway!

Banging, Banger Bango Bang!


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Brand Spanking New Kele Le Roc




Yo, we just shot the vid for She's Glowing.
Wiley, Ghetts & Yours Truly.
It was a real moment for the scene to see the trilogy on screen together.
You never knew we could sing either.
Now you do.
Even if I was 5 hours late to the shoot... HA!
Look out for it... Fuck it make it No.1!!!
(pictures by FOTONAY)

CD vs Giggs????

...we jest! Giggs has already won the battle and the war...nice try Craig!


Who remembers????

Delight Fm - 103, So Solid crew (the wonder years), GARAGE DELIGHT! (at venues like Chunnel Club, Colleseum)????? - WE DO AND GUESS WHAT? ITS BACK!

No if, no but's, no maybe's...we are THERE! You should do the same, standard!



Check out the new Sony Bravia ad from New Zealand, titled 'Domino City' - it's awesome!

Sony Bravia "Domino City" from Film Construction on Vimeo.


The media is not our friend!

LxEnts would just like to say a few words about the whole Kerry Katona incident on This Morning which took place yesterday. If this was your mother, sister, aunty, cousin or daughter would the slaughtering still be as fun?


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I always feel like somebody's watching me!!!!

...the wait is finally over...MARVIN & DJ NIMBLE'S MIXTAPE 'SOMEBODY'S WATCHING ME' has dropped much? LxEnts feel like they've been waiting a life-time and after taking time out to give it a listen we are mucho impressed! It was well worth the wait!

To get your free mixtape go here

and the cover and track listing is here:

1. CCTV Watches Me (Intro)
2. Line For The Toilet
3. Soul Seeka Feat. Pixel
4. Everything
5. My Phone (Take That Back)
6. Beware of the Voices
7. Carried Away (Accapella)
8. You Don't Even Know
9. The F Word
10. Misunderstood (One)
11. How Couldn't I?
12. Noise
13. You So Tough
14. Yesterday Feat. Jack Nimble & Pixel
15. London City (Beautiful)
16. Hero
17. Droven
18. Invasion

Go Get!