Wednesday, 30 June 2010

NEW Jazmine Sullivan

New Estelle

Rhianna in Seventeen Magazine

"The thrill in fashion for me is taking a risk and daring myself to make it work. Even when I go shopping, I always buy something twisted and I know I’m going to have to figure out somehow to pull it off and make it my own."

"I’m a big fan of mini-dresses – they're my favorite silhouette – because they're flirty and you get to show a little skin without revealing too much, especially if the sleeves are long and cover up a lot of the body. I also like dresses that come to the knee that are a little tight and show off the shape of the body."

"I like to wear out my clothes because I think I spend so much money on them that I have to wear every cent out of them. I especially love when I have a piece, like a jacket, that I can wear so many different times with so many different things."

"I like ankle boots because somehow they always give a great shape to my leg, like I’ve been working out a lot!"

"For everyday, I like jeans that are supposed to be skinny jeans but aren't tight. I like them tomboy-ish so that they're almost a size or two bigger than my normal size and slouch a bit. When I go out, I like a more structured jean because, for my body, they're more flattering on my legs."

"I really like cat-eye sunglasses, but I would say my favorite everyday shape is [the shield] straight across on the top, because they're really flattering for the shape of my face. "

"I love sneakers and my favorite sneaker is the Nike Blazer. I don't really like low-tops, but if a high top is paired with skinny jeans, it makes your feet look really big, but the Blazer gives a really good shape for girls, especially with skinny jeans."

(courtesy of Seventeen Magazine- August 2010)

Fashion is as fashion does..did the cliche go like that? Well if I didnt, make it work! AS does Rhi Rhi in nearly everything that she wears. There's no denying her impeccable style, in addition to her beauty. I love the risks, yet I also love her purity. In an age of build-a-bears (thank you miss K) its refreshing to see nature at its best. Whether you agree or disagree, can you really argue? I thought not. We've seen her grow, and no doubt we will continue to as she will. And if you pay close attention- she's giving out some pointers. Women, be sexy be beautiful- be distinct. Be daring, and most of all- BE YOU.

Friday, 25 June 2010



JUNEDiddy 06.29.10 Last Train To Paris

Dwele 06.29.10 W.W.W. (W.ants W.orld W.omen)

Fat Joe 06.29.10 The Dark Side

Hell Razah 06.29.10 Heaven Razah

Jay-Z 06.29.10 The Hits Collection Vol. 1

J-Hood 06.29.10 $orry I Made You Wait

Juvenile 06.29.10 Beast Mode

Lord Infamous 06.29.10 Futuristic Bounty Hunter

Marco Polo 06.29.10 The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo!

Paul Wall 06.29.10 Heart Of A Champion

Rick Ross 06.29.10 Teflon Don

Pitbull 06.29.10 Armando

Rye Rye 06.29.10 Go! Pop! Bang


Krondon 07.06.10 Let Him Live

The Game 07.06.10 The R.E.D. Album

South Central Cartel 07.13.10 Latest & Greatest

Esham 07.13.10 I Ain't Cha Homey

Swollen Members 07.13.10 Greatest Hits

Bubba Sparxx 07.27.10 The Take Off


Philthy Rich 08.03.10 Funk Or Die

Charles Hamilton 08.10.10 This Perfect Life

Really Doe 08.10.10 First Impressions

Huey 08.10.10 Strictly Business

Soulja Boy 08.17.10 The DeAndre Way

Rock City 08.24.10 Wake The Neighbors




Tuesday, 22 June 2010


J.Cole- Who Dat


Marketing Genius

"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl, Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.' "

If that isnt the winning formula then I dont know what it is. I must admit thus far I havent been the biggest fan, but I know great when I see it. Say what you will about the music, but the hustle i phenomenal. I havent known forever that marketing is key- in anything that you do; none more important than music. Where your appeal sells, and you grind is rewarded if it is hard enough. No one works harder than, nor keeps themself in the public eye as much as LADY GAGA. With that comes a commendation from me and the 400 million(slight exaggeration) or so fans that she has worldwide.

Lets be honest if a person can outdue Rihanna whom is supposed to be the goldenchild, and get kanye West off their tour their business is about something. "Im just saying".

When asked where the motivation comes from, she tells Rolling Stone: "Gaga admits she wouldn't have been as successful if she hadn't had her heart broken by her East Village boyfriend five years ago, and that "sex is certainly not, like, a priority at the moment." Her priority is, and has been, the relationship she's built with her fans. "If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga," she says, adding that she models her celebrity on Michael Jackson. "Michael got burned, and he lifted that glittered glove so damn high so his fans could see him, because he was in the art of show business. That's what we do. I don't even drink water onstage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music."

thats powerful to say the least. Only the strong survive, and adversity is best used as inspiration.
(courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Prayin' - Plan B

Ben Drew AKA Plan B - He clearly doesn't need one! Check out new EXTENDED vid 'Prayin' taken from his amazing second album 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks'. If you haven't purchased this yet...I'm not even going to insert an insult here coz I'm only feeling straight pity for you but I STRONGLY suggest you go make this purchase happen!


Not quite as easy as you thought, hey boys!

Last night, at approximately 7:30pm (UK time), I, hereby, declare that I lost precious moments of my life. I will NEVER get those moments back! In actual fact, I would have had SO much more fun watching the undercover and top coat of paint dry. The End.

Well actually, not quite because I feel like I definitely NEED to express my thoughts and feelings on this whole 'debarcle'. Right, so the bottom line...England Team - the arrogance has GOT TO GO. 4 whole LONG years has passed since the last world cup...up and coming teams are desperate to prove themselves as contenders, a lot of teams ACTUALLY care about becoming the best footballer/football team they can be as opposed to how many clubs they can fall out of. THEY WANT THIS AS MUCH (or not as the case may be) AS YOU!

In closing, stop channelling Giggs, coz this really isn't going to be a 'Walk in the Park'. Just accept that it's, clearly, an even playing field and you have to put as much effort in playing Slovenia as you would Argentina! It's REALLY that simple!

Oh yeah, and Rooney...leave the toy throwing antics to didn't use your life savings to t
travel and stay in South Africa only to wish you'd watched it from the outside window of Curry's!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kel Spencer- Eye On You Video Premiere Party

Fat Joe- Darkside


1. Intro [Prod. by Scram Jones]
2. Valley Of Death [Prod. by Cool & Dre]
3. I Am Crack [Prod. by Just Blaze]
4. Kilo (feat. Clipse & Cam'ron) [Prod. by DJ Infamous]
5. Rappers Are In Danger [Prod. by DJ Infamous]
6. Slow Down (Ha Ha) (feat. Young Jeezy) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille]
7. If It Ain't About Money (feat. Trey Songz) [Prod. by Cool & Dre]
8. No Problems (feat. Rico Love) [Prod. by Scoop DeVille]
9. How Did We Get Here (feat. R. Kelly) [Prod. by Raw Uncut]
10. Money Over Bi*ches (feat. Too $hort & TA) [Prod. by Raw Uncut]
11. Heavenly Father (feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. by STREETRUNNER]
12. I'm Gone [Prod. by DJ Premier]

The Best advice so far

DETOX- Dr. Dre feat. Jay Z

Cassiday and Serius Jones

On The Set- Fantasia's new video- BITTERSWEET

Amber Rose in YRB Magazine

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Things that make you go hmm..........

Believe it or not? Im not convinced, its Ray J but then again you cant put nothing passed anybody.


This thing right here is so for real like Candy Rain..Get into this

Smells Like Summer to me



I remember a time when something like this would never happen to Millz..Time to get your name back I guess.

NEW Birdman

Word from the Wise

Lucchini fallin from the sky......

Check out Fab and Red Cafe going in on one of my fav groups classic song "This is it"


When you're HOT you're HOT, and theres a thing called grabbing the bull by the horns. I was watching the tube last night, and I saw a commercial promoting Eminem's newest effort "RELAPSE" and I was like wow, this is creative. Definitely was, and if you happen to see it please jump on here and comment; But anyway, when it comes to marketing and a real push no one does it better than Diddy. And he has honed all of that into being the #1 choice to handle the careers of the BOSS and MISS NICKI. I aint mad @ them at all. And I gotta admit, I cant get enough of her either, roll the video tape.

New Kelis

New N.E.R.D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

RIck Ross feat. Styles P

B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast) - RICK ROSS from MAYBACH MUSIC TELEVISION on Vimeo.

Game feat. Young Joc

T.I. - King Uncaged

In Stores August 17th

T.I. - King Uncaged

In Stores August 17th

Fantasia- Back to Me

In Stores July 27th

Its Like I never left

Check out the Light Up remix wit the boy Wayne doing his verse straight from the pen

New J Cole

Gucci Mane- Burrprint 2


“Gucci Speaks”
“Intro Live From Fulton County JailHD”
“Boy From the Block”
“Gucci Speaks/ Shawty Lo Speaks”
“Parked Outside”
“Gucci on the Rise”
“Rick Ross Speaks/ DJ Khaled Speaks”
“Do This Sh– Again,” featuring Yo Gotti and Rick Ross
“Everybody Looking”
“Yo Gotti Speaks”
“Coca Coca” featuring Rocko, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj
“Gucci Speaks”
“Here We Go Again”
“Lil’ Kim Speaks”
“Antisocial,” featuring Mylah
“Beat It Up,” featuring Trey Songz
“Gucci Speaks”
“911 Emergency”
“Alley Boy Speaks”
“How I’m Living,” featuring Jim Jones
“Shining For No Apparent Reason,” featuring Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid
“I’m So Tired Of You”
“Outro Live From Fulton County JailHD”

Throwback- Hov and Foxy @ the Apollo NYC

This is classic, I remember when it was all good as you should. take notice this is the beginnings of a grind, of a process to achieving your dreams and leaving your footprints in the sand. Say what you want about the break-up, you can never take away what they accomplished. ROC-4-LIFE.

Holding your own down

Well you know we are in tuned with all facets of Hip Hop. This clip here is a so to say underground artist Tony Sunsine, formerly of Terror Squad; Youve heard him on lot of songs wit the Squad. We havent seen or heard from him in a while, this is some footage of him in the studio grinding and explaining how Fat Joe has blocked his hustle, and wont let his music out. Lets hear it from the horses mouth.

The real RICK ROSS speaks.....




NEW Scarface

Bobby Drake Chronicles- Slick Pulla


NEW MUSIC- Junior Reid feat, Cassidy

Harlem Stand Up- New Loaded Lux


She defines the word CLASSIC BEAUTY...timeless, is all I gotta say. Not a flaw known to man...Check her out in the Smooth Magazine, pay homage.

Justice almost served

Wanna run around and put your hands on women, this could be you...take heed!

How Would you feel about this?

Ladies now I know Yoga is the new fad, and flexibility is "in" but what would u do in this instance? things that make you say hmm.....

And fellas, could this be your dream job?

July Source Magazine

The New Source is at Newsstands now...check out the Boss donning the cover, and THE BADDEST CHICK inside.

For the Record- I love her!

By no means am I against the video girls, or implants etc. "If u like it u see it you buy it". And I cannot knock that hustle. HOWEVER one thing Im gonna stand on today is the fact that you cannot buy what this sister has, and I have been a fan of hers for quite some time now. Natural- yes- natural beauty will be in for eternity!
And sis has it. She just landed a new modeling gig in the UK and here's her latest photoshoot....Had to show my girl some love and you should to...