Saturday, 28 August 2010


Kanye West took to his twitter recently and announced that him and the big homey HOV are gonna collab on a mini LP called "Watch The throne" this after reports that he was gonna serve the public with "G.O.O.D Friday" an effort from him and his GOOD MUSIC family. I think this one here might go over a little better. Fact is whatever these two touch together is AMAZING. so lets wait and see. Here's the unofficial first single feat RICK ROSS and NICKI MINAJ. In addition HOV and Yeezy hooked up on a remix to "POWER"..We gotta here for u

Mr Yay is also working on his 5th solo. Untitled as of now after toying with the idea of naming it Good Ass Job, and Dark Twisted Fantasy. Due up later this year. The album is said to feature production from Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Madlib, DJ Toomp, RZA and Swizz Beatz, who did the remix to “POWER.” In addition, on the album are Clipse’s Pusha T, Rick Ross, Beyonce Knowles, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Mos Def and Nicki Minaj.


Thursday, 26 August 2010




This past Sunday August 22nd, POWER 105.1 NYC had its monthly power live concert on Governor's Island including some of Hip Hop and R and B's hottest stars. Rick Ross, J Cole, Dirty Money, Bobby V, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Fat Joe, and Styles P. Check out some highlights


"THE PEN" as some might know him. Famous for writing nearly everything thats been hot the past couple of years(Mario's Break Up, Massive Attack by Nicki Minaj, Diva, Check Up On it, Get Me Bodied by Beyonce to name a few) is giving his own solo mixtape effort. guest appearances from artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Bun B, and Tyga.

Check out the first single "She Geeked" featuring Tyga and Gucci


ALBUM in stores next month.....check the video shoot for the cover...BURRRR!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

NEW Lloyd Banks

G.O.O.D Music

NEW Lloyd- Lay It Down

The Murder Team

Shout out to the Murder Team, MMD, Gowanus Bk, shout to Uncle Murda, Flocka, H.O....


The Big Homey Swizz Beats is back off of honeymooning with a vengeance. He has opened a new door for those who are looking to follow. Yes that means you artist and entrepeneurs. Check out his new deal with Everest Entertainment/Atlantic/Warner marks Everest Entertainments inception into the music game. A movie industry giant responsible for flicks such as Sony Pictures Classics’ Mother and Child, directed by Rodrigo Garcia, and Fox Searchlight’s upcoming comedy Win Win.

This is big. Innovation is always the best way to the money, and Swizz Beats aint no stranger to money or success. He is set to release his second solo effort this coming fall, with supposedly an all star lineup which includes Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Coldplay, John Legend, Drake, and T.I.

“2010 I feel is my graduation year and so I want to graduate my brand, my image, my music, my sound, my audience, my reach—everything, so my album is going to reflect that, I traveled to different countries and collected sounds and am bringing it back to the culture. Nobody’s really raising the bar. In music, there’s things that artists are just getting by with. I feel like we need to bring something more tangible to the table so it’s not a bubblegum factory where the fans are chewing up the latest flavor and spitting it out.”(Swizz Beats,courtesy of Rap-up TV)

Only Swizzy can bring em out like that. So I guess the good life, always finds a way to bring on- more good. Shout out to the newly wed, and quiet as kept I think Swizz should get fisherman of the year after catching A keys, but ttats just my opinion. If you dont agree, write about it. Comments welcome.

NEW Rick Ross

off the new TEFLON DON stores NOW

NEW Drake

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

NEW Tyga


Please let these words be recorded to serve as testimony that I saw it all before it....came to fruition.."( jay Z freestyle over Grammy family beat). I mustve thought I was him about 2 weeks ago when I told a friend of mine that the next beef was gonna be between Jeezy and Rick Ross. What does it stem from? Maybe something deeper than, or maybe just rap. Jeezy has a new mixtape dropping @ 1:03 pm on Thursday. One of two preluding his album TM 103 due out at the end of this year. We all know that Rick Ross has been reigning, and recently its been at the hands of the single BMF (Blowing Money Fast) which Jeezy re-did slipping in this slick line, " “How you blowin’ money fast, you ain’t know the crew/ Oh you part of the fam, shit I never knew.”

You tell me if I was far off.

I think this is good for rap, nothing can stay the same forever, Ross has been killing the scene for a minute, and a little lyrical exercise never hurt anyone. Well maybe Cannibus, but hey who told him to get to big for his britches, shout out to Can-I-bus and LL. You see what it did for Nas and Hov made the whole game tougher and step up their bars. I think its about time for Ross to eat another rappers plate. No lie, lyrically I dont think Jeezy can hang wit the boss. trap rapping is different, feel me. And for the record, I think the world should embrace this for what it is- a rap beef. Nothing more nothing less, let the bars decide. Lets not get caught up in who does what and how, cause @ the end of the day we dont know these guys personally and it is what it is- rap, anything deeper is for another venue.

CIARA and NE-YO in Ebony magazine

The Two stars came together for a fashion spread in the upcoming Ebony magazine.

Monday, 9 August 2010




Gucci Time

Gucci Mane ft. Swizz Beatz "Gucci Time" by Warner Bros. Urban

New Usher

NEW Sean Garrett

Fo Reel- Tierra Marie feat. Cardan

Erykah Badu feat. Rick Ross

NEW Twista feat. Chris Brown


BRICKSQUAD 4 LIfe, well it used to be......

Recently the boy Wacka Flocka did a VIBE interview, and let the cat out the bag that Bricksquad 1017 aint as tight as it used to be. I cant lie I was thinking it for a minute as well, you never really see OJ around either. They all still reppin wit the chain and labels, but it seems as though everyone is doing their own thing. I just figured Gucci was giving them guys space to be their own star, and not his shadow. But how do you get over your mother's position at the table being revoked. Asked Wacka: (interview courtesy of VIBE magazine)

Do you know why Gucci and Nicki decided to part ways with your mom?
I can say when you start getting hot, there are a lot of people that get in your ear. I call that the devil. It’ll turn you against the people that helped you. They must have just felt like they needed a change. Maybe they felt like other people can take their career somewhere else. I don’t know. Just like LeBron going to the Heat. I ain’t mad, though, or got problems with anybody. Moms is good; her bills are paid.

Has the split affected your relationship with Gucci?
Yeah, all the way… All the way. I ain’t got beef or anything but it has changed.

So what’s your relationship like now?
There is none. We don’t talk anymore.


Monday, 2 August 2010

NEW Cassidy

Trill Ent. UGK 4 Life


Disturbing tha Peace Ent. and Playaz Circle Presents.......


Young Jeezy "All White Everything"

Untitled from Nicolas Grandison on Vimeo.

NEW Jessica Jarrell

T.I. and Tiny tie the knot

Shower her when Its RIGHT.......

There should be something said about treating your lady right. AND hey if takes Drake to show the world of us (men) how to do it, hats off. The media will make it what they want. TRICKING...nah that was dispelled with the saying that it cant be unless you got it. So the way I see it, she down with you spend it! Shout out to Drizzy for cashing out for his lady. A lot of us can take notes. Check it out for yourself


This past weekend Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys tied the knot. Small ceremony with close friends, CLASSY. check it out...(pics courtesy of MTO)