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News Flash

Rick Ross' baby mama suing 50 Cent
Rick Ross’ baby mother is suing 50 Cent for disseminating her private sex tape over the internet last year. Lastonia Leviston processed her complaint yesterday (February 24) in Manhattan, alleging that 50 Cent used the tape without her permission, and has caused her to suffer “emotional distress.”

50 Cent released the tape as a jab at Rick Ross in their ongoing rap beef. The tape which was edited by 50 cent includes these comments by 50 cent;

“Double R? Does that stand for Rick Ross in the middle of her motherfuckin’ chest man?! Oh this is cold blooded man. I told n***as I was the beast from the east man. They thought I was bullshitting. I ain’t bullshitting no more man. 1 minute and 30 seconds n***a. You see the tape. It only been on for 1 minute and 30 seconds,” Curly ridiculed. I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky. I want you to watch this on your motherfucking tour bus Ricky. Now how the f**k you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherfucking crew and can’t even control your bitches. Is this n***a licking on the Rick Ross tattoo? The n***a licking on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh shit. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement!”

Faith Evans Being Sued Over Home Video Images of B.I.G.According to reports, Kaushi Entertainment is suing Faith Evans and her associates over private home videos of Biggie Smalls. In the lawsuit, Kaushi Entertainment claims they had an agreement, approved by Faith Evans, in which they would pay over $30k for all of the home videos. Kaushi claimed they paid the money but Faith Evans and several associates never delivered the Home videos of Biggie Smalls.

To make things right, Kaushi Entertainment is asking for more than $1,000,000 to make things right.

Worth the Wait:

Nicki Minaj says theres srategic reasoning to why she hasnt put out the album yet. In an interview with MTV she explains, check it out:

"I've gotten great feedback from artists I look up to and never thought I'd work with," she explained in an interview. "They're already in line to be on the project. But it's like, 'Do I want to put out a debut album with a thousand features on it or do I wanna finally showcase Nicki?' I'm not worried about features at all...With the album, I think it's more important that people get accustomed to seeing a female rapper again. Before I drop an album, people need to come out and see. People don't even know what a female rapper does. We're so not used to seeing it. It's nonexistent in categories. We don't get nominated. I need to work [the people] up to accepting a female rapper again and accepting my style and all of that -- then the album will come. Honestly, I'd love to put an album out this year, but I don't believe in rushing things either."

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Black Label Summer 2010

Modeled by Washington Redskins Cornerback Devin Thomas

Yung Berg's Rationalization

What we Know: [Yung Berg] was violently beaten and robbed at a house in Los Angeles this weekend.

"According to law enforcement sources, Berg — real name Christian Ward — was at a house party at around 2:00 AM Monday morning when four suspects entered the home and brandished firearms.

We’re told the suspects pistol-whipped two people inside the party — one of whom was Berg. Law enforcement sources say the suspects robbed eight people and made off with $10,000 in cash and jewelry."(according to TMZ)

If he says something different, I guess you can make the decision of whom to believe. I know for me, theres just too many situations around him and getting violated. maybe he should just fall back and get out the light- but then again it was a houseparty so there wasnt that much light there. But 10K out a house party is not measly in this economy, so I guess I dont know what kind of advice to give him except grow a set and holla. Sad but true.

The life and times of Eva and Lance

The Homeboy Lance Gross gave the world a walk through a regular day of his, from waking up with the beautiful Eva Pigford, to getting the fresh line up, to the studio to rehearse with the classic Rudy sorry a Hawks game, shout out to my man Josh Smith and the homey Jamal Crawford.....ATL is where its at- to oh yeah that pole, and them ladies thats just tryin to eat like everyone else, and damn they make it look so good. Send another bottle of Armadale to Passion..Im sorry, that was a flashback... check him out.

B, oh B...why you gotta steal?

The Queen herself, well maybe the princess cause the Queen Mary is still relevant. But anyway the business about it is Beyonce is on the hook for Copyright Infringement. There must be a bug going around, recently Lil Wayne was accused of such as well as the Black Eyed Peas. And these are the people that we all spend all this money on- are they frauds? I would like to think not, creativity oozes from em all, but anywhere before we judge here goes the facts- Producer Rob Fusari produced Destiny’s Child’s hit “Bootylicious” and back then he claims that Matthew Knowles (B's Father) stole the production credits for Beyonce, and was bold enough to tell Rob to his face that he did so. Heres the entire situation from the horse's mouth

“I came up with the idea to build a track using the guitar riff from Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen. I figured I’d put the guitar loop on there temporarily, and later go into the studio with a guitar and replay it, because I’d learned, after sampling Stevie Wonder’s I Wish for Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, that I didn’t want to lose 50 per cent of the publishing (royalties). I vividly remember telling Mathew Knowles, ‘Mathew, you got to book me into your studio and let me replay that riff.’

“He didn’t want to do it. So 50 per cent got cut for one note. That whole experience was bittersweet for me.

“I remember watching Barbara Walters interview Beyonce about Bootylicious, and she told Barbara about how she came up with the idea for the track.”

Fusari, who went on to help Lady Gaga launch her pop career, insists he was brushed off when he complained about the interview, adding, “I called Mathew – which was a big mistake; I got emotional, and I apologised after – but I called Mathew and said, ‘Mathew, like, why?’ He explained to me, in a nice way, he said, ‘People don’t want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offence, but that’s not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know, Mathew. I understand the game. But come on, I’m trying too. I’m a squirrel trying to get a nut, too.’”

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Beamers Benz and Bentleys

On the Set

New Ludacris- Sexting

On the Set

B.O.B's Nothing on You aka Beautiful Girls video shoot....first single from his hotly-anticipated debut album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (April 27). The clip, featuring Bruno Mars, was directed by Ethan Lader and will premiere during the first week of March.

Lupe Fiasco U.S. tour

The “Steppin Laser” tour in promotion of upcoming album LASERS

Friday, 3/5 – Bridges Auditorium – Claremont, CA – (w/B.o.B)
Saturday, 3/20 – Bob Hope Theatre – Stockton, CA
Wednesday, 4/7 – House of Blues – Boston, MA – (w/B.o.B)
Friday, 4/9 – House of Blues (Atlantic City) – Atlantic City, NJ – (w/B.o.B)
Saturday, 4/10 – The Fillmore NY at Irving Plaza – New York, NY – (w/B.o.B)
Tuesday, 4/13 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC – (w/B.o.B)
Wednesday, 4/14 – Royal Oak Theatre – Detroit, MI – (w/B.o.B)
Friday, 4/16 – Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI – (w/B.o.B)
Saturday, 4/17 – Lund Arena (Gustavus Adolphus College) – St. Peter, MN
Sunday, 4/18 – Midland Theatre – Kansas City, MO
Tuesday, 4/20 – Peoria Civic Center Theatre – Peoria, IL – (w/B.o.B)
Thursday, 4/22 – East Tennessee State University Center – Johnson City, TN
Friday, 4/23 – UNC – Charlotte – Charlotte, NC – (w/B.o.B)
Saturday, 4/24 – Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Worcester, MA
Monday, 4/26 – House of Blues – Houston, TX – (w/B.o.B)
Tuesday, 4/27 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX – (w/B.o.B)
Thursday, 4/29 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO – (w/B.o.B)
Saturday, 5/1 – House of Blues (Las Vegas) – Las Vegas, NV – (w/B.o.B)
Sunday, 5/2 – House of Blues (Sunset) – Los Angeles, CA – (w/B.o.B)
Wednesday, 5/5 – Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA – (w/B.o.B)
Friday, 5/7 – Showbox SoDo – Seattle, WA – (w/B.o.B)

Crunk Rock

Crunk is set to make a comeback in 2010 thanks to Lil Jon. The rapper who popularized the genre will release his solo debut this summer.

The King of Crunk’s first album in over five years, Crunk Rock, will arrive June 8 via his new label home, Universal Republic. Described as a lifestyle party album, the set boasts features from Game, R. Kelly, 3OH!3, Pitbull, Elephant Man, David Guetta, Soulja Boy Tell’em, Ying Yang Twins, and more. Tracks include “Miss Chocolate” featuring R. Kelly and Mario, as well as the LMFAO-assisted “Outta Your Mind.”

Lil Jon shared his excitement about returning to music. “I’m finally ready to get Crunk Rock out there to my people!! It’s been a long time comin’ and the album has somethin’ for everyone on it,” he stated. “I gave them every kind of Lil Jon that they have ever heard on an album. From the crunk sh*t to R&B, to house, electro, and rock… The album is on a whole other level. I can’t wait for da people to hear it!!!”

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz’s last project, 2004’s Crunk Juice, went multi-platinum, spawning the smash singles “What U Gon’ Do” and “Lovers and Friends” featuring Usher and Ludacris. (

Its crazy how many people are making a comeback, along with this here article I saw something that said Missy is also in the lab cooking something up to offer. I guess at the end of the day, music is like riding a bike. As long as you dont use the vocals or the expression and articulation there is always a place to drop some words to a beat. BUT, the question is will the people receive it well enough to spend their hard earned money on your product. Not to mention the economic issues of today, the question can be posed is it too late. Without a doubt times have changed since both Lil Jon and Missy were relevant beyond a certain extent. Not theres always work being done behind the scenes in more ways than we will ever know- beit production, songwriting, A&R or Exec Production responsibilities. There are many ways to make a buck. But putting your face on that screen again on the packaging of that offer is something totally different. Sade is essence defied odds selling 500,000 within her first week or so. With that performance she is the definition of Timeless and International stardom. And so is Whitney Houston despite her recent live performance issues, whom sold roughl a million copies last time out.

The issue at hand- Can Lil Jon sell records right now? Lets hope that All Star supporting cast he has can come up big. Last time I checked Lil jon was not a solo-caliber type of artist. And wheres the East Side Boyz at?

West West

As Creative Chairman of Priority Records, Snoop has gotten right to his business as far as building the brand back up and putting it in its rightful place. Priority has always been major, one time home of Ice Cube, Roc A Fella, NWA, Westside Connection, Snoop himself, and Master P. Thats a heavy roster. In celebration of that Snoop has released a West Coast Blueprint of sorts, highlighting classic West Coast songs all on one album.

"You will hear how many different facets of hip-hop Priority had a hand in, Fans who might not have heard these records in a long time, I know they're going to love hearing them again. And the youngsters who've never heard of them before, it's an important education. See? Learning can be fun." (Snoop told to All Hip

Snoop Dogg Presents: The West Coast Blueprint is in stores now.

1. Introduction to The West Coast Blueprint
2. Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It
3. King Tee - Act A Fool
4. The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better
5. Low Profile - Pay Ya Dues
6. Kid Frost - La Raza
7. Interlude
8. N.W.A - Alwayz Into Somethin'
9. Yo-Yo featuring Ice Cube - You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo
10. Ice Cube featuring Das EFX - Check Yo Self [Album Version]
11. Rappin' 4-Tay - Playaz Club
12. Interlude
13. Mack 10 - Foe Life
14. Luniz - I Got 5 On It
15. Ras Kass - The Evil That Men Do
16. Westside Connection - Gangstas Make The World Go Round
17. Ant Banks featuring Too $hort, 2Pac & MC Breed - 4 Tha Hustlas
18. Mack 10 featuring Tha Dogg Pound - Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit
19. Snoop Dogg featuring Sylk E. Fine & Suga Free - Trust Me
20. Check Yo Self Interlude
21. Snoop Dogg featuring The Hustle Boyz - Check Yo Self (Snoop Dogg G-Mix) [New Recording]

Cant we all just get along

A fight breaks out at M2 where Juelz was celebrating his 27th B day...check out footage of the brawl and its spectators...hint hint, is that Maino?

Where they Do that at?????

Remy Ma speaks

Monica - Everything to Me

Oschino Vasquez (formerly of State Property)


L.A. Reid takes a trip to see Shyne

All the press you been hearing about Shyne re-signing with Def Jam is official. Heres footage of the boss L.A. Reid takin a trip to solidify the partnership.

New Yo Gotti


Loaded Lux- Say Ahh remix

Redman- Reggie

In stores March 30th

R.E.D Album

Release Date March 23rd 2010

The Coldest Winter

Anybody need a Sponsor??????

On the set of Teairra Marie's new video "Sponsor" featuring Souljah Boy and Gucci Mane...check some highlights......

Clarification Please

There is a book coming out, un unauthorized biography of Baskeball Legend adn Genius Jerry West. NBA Hall of Fame player, long time LA Lakers front office Exec, as well as the Memphis Grizzlies. YOu may recognize him most as the logo for the NBA. That icon is him. Well as I said there is a book coming out, titled, Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon

Here are some excerpts from the book that I want you to consider before I go in:

"That November, as a new season was set to open, Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive, a stunning event that brought revelations about the climate of sexual frivolity around the Lakers. Johnson admitted he had been sleeping with 300-500 people a year.

The team’s locker room, and its sauna, had been a place where the star and other players had entertained women, even right after games. Johnson would retire to the sauna after a game, have sex, then put on a robe and return to the locker room for his post-game media interviews. How far had the team gone in condoning such questionable behavior? ‘I cared,’ West said in his interviews for this book. ‘I did things for those guys. It was ridiculous, some of the things I did for those guys. If the public knew they’d be outraged. It was a pretty crazy period for us."

Ok well it all sounds like common flashing lights activity. And shout out to Mediatakeout whom I got this article from, I was reading it and it never really hit me what was going on. They did say 300- 500 people. WTF!!!!! Some time ago Magic Johnson just canme out in a book taking shots at NBA Great and longtime friend Isiah Thomas about his possible extracurricular activities in the area of homosexuality. And the media jumped on it and it pushed his sales, but now we here "people" not women. See the difference, they said he slept with 3000-500 people, theres room for some men in there. We need a clarification, cause we aint know he was getting down like that. And man it was said best, "You can live through anything if Magic made it."(Kanye West) We know his story, so at this point nothing surprises but DAMN.


They say money can damn near get rid of anything, and yes Tiny is looking real good right here after its spent. Thats the new 4 door Porsche- EXACTLY....yeah and we love to see it, especially when its owned by those that mirror us so to say; have shared our strifes and our plights- that old nothing to something cliche. SO more power to that but I will say that I cant seem to get over us not getting all the facts. About last week sometime my man Beans went on stage at a concert with the whole Philly Squad and took some shots. You all seen it, if not check it out i got it posted here for your viewing pleasures. When I mention the facts its just like damn how shawty home already, I mean I aint the brightest nor omnicient, but something aint added up. SORRY I tried but i had to say it, and by no means do I wish incarceration on anyone, but it smells fishy. I needed to vent. So um I dont reall much care to see the money and all kinds of foolery that distracts us from the facts- DID HE SNITCH????? You be the judge. I need some people to weigh in on this and let me know should we give him a pass.

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