Monday, 21 May 2012

Xtreme104FM fires Chuck Platinum

In a shocking occurence this past weekend, New York City based Internet Radio Giant, Xtreme 104FM announces the firing of its now Former Head Engineer Chuck Platinum. Sighting differences that culminated in the firing being in the best interest of Xtreme 104 FM, Chuck Platinum has been relieved of his duties. Not too many details are being given at this time, but in the coming weeks we are sure to be getting the scoop. Our source, which spoke on the grounds of anonymity said that there had been odds between Chuck and the statio for quite some time, but his long time friendship with CEO DJ XXXotic Mami is what kept his seat on the panel. Guess that ran out! We will be reaching out to some more people involved and trying to get the inside. AS always,Stay Tuned. For now, here's the press release that has been sent out to all media outlets: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 2012, New York, NY At this point in time Xtreme104FM regretfully announces a change in its hierarchy and structural formatting, as Chuck Platinum, former Head Engineer is no longer a member of the radio station or Pivot Music Group as a whole. Out of respect for the privacy of both parties, Xtreme 104 FM reserves the right at present to not detail the nature of the severance; Xtreme 104FM would prefer only to state that it is a decision that is in the best interest of Xtreme 104FM, and its continued dominance of the underground Hip Hop scene. In life and business, it is inevitable that relationships have the potential to run their course; as a former colleague, we wish him the best in all his endeavors. For the purpose of clarity, Xtreme 104FM is as strong as ever and would like to take this time assure its audience and supporters that they can undoubtedly expect a continuance of the great quality of service and entertainment that Xtreme 104FM's brand has become synonymous with. The coming 2012 2nd quarter and beyond is very promising for our staff and associates, and we ask at this time that the focus remain on brand and the business of supplying our market with their demand- entertainment as only Xtreme 104FM can distribute. Thank you and Kind Regards, Xtreme 104FM