Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Basquiat Mind Presents.....Off Gang's Own: Flow

When life calls, you have no choice but answer. That is if you want to live. You can try but inevitably you will fail, if you refuse to practive persevearance. Persevearance that thing that the good dictionary describes as "To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement. ..." Ring a bell? If not, do not fret thats why we are here. When I say we, that is myself, and my next guest. Meet Flow; Harlem Bred, Harlem raised, self motivated. As fate would have it Flow is no stranger to obstacles. After waking up one morning and being informed that there was a good chance he would go without his sense of hearing permanently, Flow was forced to man up as some of us would say. Choosing to go harder, rather than go home Flow took that opportunity to be inspired, to be pushed, to be greater. His music, his life, his rhymes, his plight. All of which will become evident. Turning those ever-present lows, to highs, all the while remaining balanced the one nicknamed "Cash face Flow" is poised to share his unique, his diverse, all around eclectic flow if you will to the public. Without furhter adue Basquiats Mind Presents..........FLOW:

Basquiat: How do you go about dispelling the idea that being a rapper is a fad now-a-days and exhibit a true passion for, and lets be honest skill, when it comes to rhyming?
Flow: By working hard to not be typical. Like I truly enjoy doing music weather I get paid for it or not. I'm always looking for ways to get better. I listen to different artists as well as a variety of genres music wise. When I write I also apply my everyday reality and life experiences to the music.

Basquiat: Would you say that being told that you may never hear again the same was one of the hardest things u have ever had to deal with?
Flow: With out a doubt it was. In life, we take the simplest things like hearing for granted. I was in jeopardy of losing some of mine and when that happened it made me look at life differently. To say the least, it inspired me to work harder and make the best of any situation I may encounter.

Basquiat: What seperates you from your peers, in general, and in music?

Flow: well I may have one of the most distinct voices so I'm usually standout with that alone. I've never really been a follower in nothing that I've done, which is rare these days. Now a days that seems to be what everybody is doing. Musically, I'm never scared to be different; I am always trying to stay witty and play with my flow #PAUSE. Basically I look for ways tryna to do the undone.

Basquiat: I have to ask, where did the name "Cake Face Flow" come from?
Flow: Lol everybody asks that. My pops street name was "cake face" he usedto hustle in Harlem so being that I look like him everybody called me lil cake or cake face so its like an ode to him.

Basquiat: One artist you wish you could work with in the game and why?

Flow: I Would have to Ryan Leslie. He is easily one of my favorite producers because he is so innovative and creative. He has some of the dopest melodies and I know we'd make something classic together.

Basquiat: Have you dropped anything for the people yet? where can the people find your music @?
Yeah my group OFF GANG dropped a couple songs via twitter and Facebook. I recently just dropped the "break my heart" freestyle video. So I want to remind the people to be sure to check that out. Besides that we're grinding, stay tuned.

Basquiat:Who were some of your influences?
Flow: B.I.G, Mase, Im from Harlem so of course a legend like Big L. Add to that Rick Ross BUT most importantly my greatest influence is my Daughter

Basquiat: Which one of your songs has the most meaning and why?
Flow: Right now I would have to say "want you back" it's about a relationship I had that I lost with a female that meant alot to me. It's very relatable.

Basquiat: Any shoutouts mentions?

Flow: Yeah shoutout to the whole OFF GANG Jonesy P, Meeko, Free Brizi Free L.A, Marty, Rob Work, and Swan... shoutout Juss, Kick, Ye, Jay, Chif, Thicky, at the end of the day there's too many to mention. And s/o to you for giving me this platform its greatly appreciated.

And there you have it a new day is upon us, and it belongs to Flow...Shout out to Off Gang...HARLEM stand up