Monday, 31 August 2009

Tim getting scratched from the BP 3

Rumor has it songs that Timberland is featured on for the BP 3 have been leaked due to some mismanagemnt of the Servers that are eused to send songs along- could that be why we have heard about a quarter of Blueprint 3 already and it doesnt come out for another month or so, anyway.....due to this negligence rumor has it that Jay is contemplating scratching these songs and re-doing the album...wouldnt that be something?

Big L Documentary

Long overdue, and much needed; the documentary of the life and times of Harlem's Own, Big L. Regarded by mad hardcore hip hop fans as one of the best of all time, Big L had a successful solo career as well as being a member of Children of the Corn- the rap supergroup which included Mase, Camron. McGruff, and Bloodshed before moving on to the legendary Diggin in the Crates crew with Fat Joe, Diamond D, Lord Finess, Show and A.G.

The documentary will be titled, Street Struck: The Big L Story. Produced by Dangerzone films; it will include interviews by friends and family members as well as footage of L himself. There has been no definitive date given, but sources speculate February to memorialize his 11th year of passing.

Support that documentary of one of the rawest to ever do this Hip Hop thing.

50 for Charity

I reported to you guys some time ago that city of NY was contemplating blocking 50's Family Day in 40 projects in Queens- that became reality; what they couldnt stop was his busing of hundreds of families to Six Flags Great Adventures where he performed for an invite only crowd. During the concert 50 has these words to say about the entire ordeal of him not being allowed to throw his family day in Queens, “When I tried to do it in the hood like everyone else would do it, everyone is like '50 Cent don’t come through the hood.' But all of them don’t get a chance to see me when I come through.,” 50 stated. “And they be like 'we don’t see 50.' You don’t see me because I’m usually somewhere where I’m not trying to be seen. Everybody look right there…that’s the motherf**king police. Them motherf**kers follow me everywhere I go. Y’know why? Because I’m from Southside! While everybody looking f**k the police!”

Guess 50 doesnt roll wit the authorities..u be the judge

Thursday, 27 August 2009



Blow Your Whistles!

Yes, Im referring to the Notting Hill Carnival taking place this bank holiday weekend. Carnival lost it's appeal for me many many years ago due to the fact that my last carnival was spent failing miserably to find a soundsystem that continued past 5pm and desperately searching for the loo for many more hours after that! Definately not my idea of fun...BUT having seen this

I could have possibly been persuaded to hold off the liquid intake and skank the day away...the line-up is THAT BIGGGG!!


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Living Off Xperience

Over the weekend, Yonkers, NY Police raided the apartment of Jadakiss, aka Jason Phillips of the LOX. during the search the police recoverd 6.5 pounds of weed, 6 grams of heroin, and about 40,000 in cash. ouch...I guesss the moniker LOX fits, thats an experience right there. At press time, there hadnt been a warrant issued for Kiss' arrest, as he was not in the apartment when the raid took place. But if u know like I know, its only a matter of time before he's in custody.

This much you want?

Those were the words allegedly mouthed by the Lousiana rapper after being stopped in his 07 Challenger by an unmarked unit whom said the rappers car wa engulfed in smoke. After searching the car, marijuana, a large amount of cash and a gun was found and Boosie was arrested. He's slated to stand trial Sept 28th on drug and gun charges which carry a minimum of five years.


"Did you see Team GB playing at the O2 the other week and dream of one day playing there yourself?Well, now you can.On September 12th and 13th, the Adidas NBA 5 United tournament takes place at the famous London landmark.It's a 5 v 5 competition open to anyone over the age of 10, male and female. Ballers are put into dvisions depending on age, sex and experience.To enter, just download the entry form here, fill it in and drop it at the adidas performance store on Oxford Street.More info can be found at"


Shout out to UK FUNKY for the heads up!



This is uber cool! This promo parody of West Side Story is thoroughly entertaining!


Dagnamit! Why oh why? I'm almost 100% certain that if I WASN'T going on vacation, there would be zilch to do! Ok, slight exaggeration, perhaps but you know what i mean!

btw did we mention that if you get there before 10pm you will pay zero nero (that's free to the rest of ya ;) )


Tuesday, 25 August 2009



I gotta admit, when Asher Roth popped onto the scene with 'I Love College' I wasn't sold but I gotta say, not just another one hit wonder! I don't get caught up in the hype of the 'new kid on the block' as I prefer to take my time, observe and then make a judgement. In this case, I may have been oh so wrong!


Virus Syndicate

If the LxEnts team get their act together and are packed and ready to go for Friday, we may just pass through here as a sort of 'pre nyc send off'. Any excuse hey?

Entertainment News

Unconfirmed but interesting....Reality star Boots was shacked up with Ed Lover, radio personality from Power 105 in NYC, and produced offspring

Heidi Pratt was not the most flexible or coordinated sources say at the Miss Universe competition.

Kim from Real Housewives is definitely taking botox according to sources, and is on the verge of marrying Big Poppa.

the cougar

Is this is a fad? They always say older women love younger men, but does 75 and 43 seem sensible. Just ask Joan Rivers. The Queen of the red carpet is on the prowl.

Monday, 24 August 2009






Hot damn, fella's!


Alexandra? Is That Really You?

LxEnts totally understand that image is EVERYTHING in this business but not quite sure what to make of this press picture of Alexandra Burke...She sure looks purty but there's something about it that's not quite right...just can't put our fingers on it...

btw we peeped this on Max 1xtra's blog...


Amy Winehouse SHOCKS us all!

V Festival took place weekend just gone and in this day and age you don't need to be there to know what's going down (TWITTER much?). As soon as Miss Winehouse took to the stage with The Specials, Twitter went into melt-down and surprisingly it was a com-tweet-ly positive outcome!

...see? We told you! We don't want to speak too soon but we hope Amy is on the road to recovery and remains en route.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Dang! LxEnts be getting all carried away with raving up our Bank Holiday in the States that we forgot to let you guys know whats popping off in the U-Kizzy! sooooooo...

...and we'll hit you asap with anything else we stumble across asap because we're here for you!!!


Reset II

LxEnts will be vacationing as of Friday in The Big Apple so will be cramming all you need to know about the events happening in the UK in our absence before we fly away! Nows a good time to start as any sooooo!


Saturday, 22 August 2009

What is she thinking

Todays Edition of what is she thinking subjects Kourtney Kardashian, aka, Kim's little sister....It is well known that miss Kourtney is pregnant- god bless- but she was recently interviewed by the Daily 10 and stated that she might be willing to pose nude while with child..huh? First of all I must back it up and ask, why should she be the subject of so much press? I mean ok ur sister is top shelf and ur no shab urself, but again her niche in life is?......someone help me out here- ok maybe u guys r as stuck as I am. Must be nice to be able to coat tail ride to stardom and years later be able to persevere through the question: what do u do again.......smh....Should we blame the TV station whom introduced us to their wonderful word. I will say again for the record, the reality TV game is getting out of control- next up, Tameka Foster- subject life after Usher. I still dont know what her life was before Usher, and its any consolation- her life will probably be the same after. We want to see that be the judge.


When is Enough......ENOUGH

When is Enough, enough is my question for the day....As a man I am all for handling your responsibilities and yes Kelis as well as baby Knight are entitled to such; However, I am not with a woman taking a man to the bank. If he owes, he pays bottomline- but this Nas and Kelis soap opera is getting out of hand. As of this week, Ms. Milkshake is asking for an estimated $400, ooo up from the $44, 000 she was already granted by the courts. She says she now needs $17,000 for Child Support, ok, but how do u ask for more for yourself than the baby- priorities may be the right word. Does she need $72, 778 for spousal support. In addition shes seeking retro child support totaling $29, 500. Her reasoning is there is a dependence on Nas for her to maintain the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to as a result of their being together.
Now I dont know what these irreconciliable differences that caused this break up are, but is there not an inevitable alteration in lifestlye with the break of two people. She wants the monetary without the commitment. I do not agree; if her story were like Angela Bassetts in Waiting to Exhale, and she was at the job when no one else was there helping him get on his feet than I would say more power to you sister. But in this case she came along when the cake was baked already. If anybody chooses to disagree, take a stab at it.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Take a Pic, and your couple

Apparently love does not live in the home of Ashanti and Nelly anymore. After quite a number of years together the two are headed to splitsville reports say. Reasons- you take a guess, everyone else has. One of the more foreseeable ones has been that she is ready to settle down and he is not, as he has been spotted galavanting with Jessica rabbit in Miami. Not a bad choice,if I might say so myself.

Ashanti has recently been linked to Dipset member/ Skull Gang CEO Juelz Santana, whom she was flicked with at The Presidential Dimes BBQ at Club Eden in New York City. Isnt it a shame, a simple picture means a relationship. The nerve of those paparazzi.

Comments Please.....

The rumor mill has spun my way and i am compelled to share and get you guys opinion. One day listening to the radio, cant remember exactly which station, but there was mention made of the supposed relationship between Video Vixen Angel Lola Luv and Souljah Boy. Through my many perusals today, I have been told that she is pregnant with his child. Insiders say that Souljah Boy was trickin heavy, and the tat on his neck is a replica of her lips. I wonder how much the next 18 years is gonna cost him. I aint mad cause honestly she's BAD! but is he in that league? u be the judge.


Gaga's Blueprint

"I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream," she told writers Joshua David Stein and Noah Michelson of OUT magazine. "It's not an underground tool for me. It's my whole life. So I always sort of joke that the real motivation is to just turn the world gay."

So thats her plan for us? Love the music, cant say i agree with the motive. But then again, to each his own; as long as she keeps tha ladies moving so guys can figure out their poker faces.



This video is class! - very 'A-Ha' if you catch our drift! (or are we just showing our age? lol) Banging track too!






This 'Pop-Up Shop' thing is really beginning to catch on it would seem. Even Dr Marten's are getting in on the act sooooooo


Thursday, 20 August 2009

50 cant go to Family Day, says who?

Apparently says NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has concerns about 50's upcoming performance on August 30th in Southside Queens at family day. The New York Post has published reports of death threats and violence against the rapper. In Bloomberg's words, he and 50 have agreed that him performing would not be the best addition, Bloomberg has said that if 50 appears even socially, the NYPD will be on heavy alert. tell us something we dont know.


Gucci getting hated on

Upon being released from rehab, Gucci Mane is scheduled to perform in Albany on August 9th. He may be one of the hottest out right now, but he is not a favorite of City Commissioner Bob Langstaff who had this to say, "I'm appalled...what do you need from me to keep this "entertainer" from performing at Albany's Civic Center? This is not appropriate for our civic center." in an email to city manager. I wonder what has him so about speaking ur mind; Doesnt he want Gucci to make Albany's trap say aye.


Memph Bleek is.........

Memphis Bleek is apparently back in business, and for himself this time. The once upstart, then seemingly defunct, Get Low Records, is now fully operational. Bleek is preparing his fifth album, The Process, which will be dropped on Get Low and Distributed by Boston- based Mass Appeal Entertainment. The album is executive produced by non other than Jay Z, and features guest appearances by Hov, Rick Ross, and Pharrell among others. Bleek had this to say to All Hip Hop about his album, "The process has been exactly that; a process. Taking what I’ve learned from a teacher and creating my own school,” Mass Appeal has released a number of efforts from well known artists over the years like Young Buck and Left Eye. The Process is due in stores November 24th.






After being signed to Lil Wayne's record label, Young Money, for all of, oooohhh, 10 secs, Omarion has been DROPPED! due to leaking an unofficial collabo track he did with Mr Sizzurp! Wow! The industry are really starting to take this 'leak' thing super serious!

Lil Wayne's official website, Lil Wayne HQ' had this to say on the matter:

'Two months after being signed to Young Money Entertainment, Omarion has been dropped from the record company. Mack Maine tweeted this message on his Twitter which reveals that Omarion is fired because he has allegedly leaked his duet song with Lil Wayne.
“ATTN: Omarion is no longer Young Money … the song they leaked ft. Wayne is not official .. good luck 2 him in his future”.
Shortly after that, two of the Young Money’s artists Jae Millz and Lil Twist re-tweeted Mack’s message to show that it is not a rumor.'
You never should have cut them braids O...Samson and Deliah much?


You better call the Po' Po'....



Wednesday, 19 August 2009





Beats Beat Bullets - standard! Make sure you're here tonight! It just makes sense!





This lady (Lauren London, in case you didn't know...) is having Lil Wayne's baby? Now before all the guys out there start spouting off about the fact that it hasn't been confirmed and 'really it's yours' (umm wake up!), Lil Wheezy has set the record straight! so GET OVER IT ALREADY GUYS! lol

The sizzurp slurping gremlin has spoken and thats the last I want to hear of this! Call it tough love!


Size doesn't matter???

Are you man enough? Lol

Shout out to Flee Brasco - came across this on his blog.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Monday, 17 August 2009

Fancy a coffee at Central Perk?

Just the other day the LxEnts team were talking on all things 'Friends', how great the sitcom was, our favourite character and why, it's all time classicability (copyright lol) and how you can watch episodes over and over again and NEVER get tired of the witty one liners or how you end up picking up new things ALL the time! GENUIS!

Someone must have heard us...The London Paper are bringing 'Central Perk' to LONDON to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary! Hooray! so now you and your 'friends' can have a coffee on the famous sofa as well as browse props from the show! Wanna know more? Go here and we'll see you there!









The Big Apple vs ANYTHING should not be a dilemma BUT this is the exclusive Ace & Vis Carnival Party taking place on Bank Holiday Monday (which is the 31st)...which is kinda a big deal...obv LxEnts WILL be in NYC as planes to catch and all that BUT if we were not in the city that never sleeps, we would already be queueing up to get into here, standard!



'HURRY UP AND BUY' lol in all good record stores and on iTunes...thankyouplease!


Law Abiding Citizen

Omg! EVEN the POSTER looks serious! That's deep! Check the trailer!


Fish Tank

British movies never really get the credit they deserve or the support needed to top box office figures. Some may say keeping it underground adds to the raw and gritty nature of the genre but recognition is long overdue and this just might be the film to do it. 'Fish Tank' follows the life of a out of control teen with no where or no one to turn to as her attitude and behaviour in every aspect of her life has resulted in isolation from all support systems, friends and family. The Cannes film festival rated it highly as one to watch which is a great accolade and the trailer backs this up nicely.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sarah's Rage

Former Member of Diddy's Da Band, R&B songstress Sarah Stokes was recently arrested for stabbing her husband after a domestic dispute in which she as well was injured as she tripped while trying to storm out the house. Who wouldve thought? I guess there is a thin line between love and hate, and if not it can grow with time...All I remember is her being so family oriented and dedicated to her commitments. Man what a difference a day makes. She was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. At press time the D.A. was tryin to decide if formal charges are in order....huh!!!!!!! I guess we'll have to see what happens...

Third times a charm

The Clipse are adamant about that as displayed by Pusha T in "kinda Like" featuring Kanye West, " Third times a charm baby....another stripe up on my arm baby...." The Norfolk, Virginia based group has officially announced the date for their third release, Til the Casket Drops, now the product of a joint venture Re-Up Gang/Columbia. Just like their past two efforts, Hell Hath No Fury, and the gold selling Lord Willin, the album features production from the Neptunes.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Simple as...

Branding at it's best!




Urban Nerds Carnival Spesh

If LxEnts were not in NYC then we would be here with bells on!


Man On The Moon Artwork

LxEnts have been waiting FAR too long for this album already! Scheduled to drop on Sept 15th, chek out the artwork for the album cover to Kid Cudi's debut 'Man On The Moon'...Not the most imaginative creation I've seen...maybe taking the simplistic approach?

What do you think?



Oh dear!



Support Black August 2009!

Support Black August 2009!

LxEnts will actually be in the Big Apple when this event takes place and will be reviewing the night in full and we cannot wait.

For all our UK readers, the history of Black August originated in the Californian concentration camps to honour the fallen freedom fighters. It's purpose in the present is to educate the people of today about the past and present struggle and social and political conditions of Black America.

The Black August Benefit which takes place on Sunday 30th August has a line-up that has to be seen to be believed! As well as all the artists outlined on the flyer, you can always gurantee special guest appearances from a number of heavyweight artists on the scene.

For tickets click here. Just click on 'Tickets' find 'Sun 30th Aug' on the calender and follw the instructions.

We totally recommend you get down to this event! You won't regret it!



This is Nayomee. She is a good friend of the LxEnts team. She has submitted this stunning photo into the Britains Next Top Model website in the hope of being short-listed for the bootcamp and eventually becoming a permanent fixture in the house and going on to win...hooray! Well, that's with your help of course!

Click here and rate Nayomee with 5 stars and help make her modelling dream come true. It's all in your hands so no pressure or anything lol.

Thanks people! oh if you vote can you also leave a comment of support for her!

Ok, really...that's it now.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Monday, 10 August 2009


LxEnts don't usually comment on new vid releases but Bashy is always the exception to the rule! Bashy knows how to create the hype and he always delivers when it comes to the creativity of his videos. He never fails to disappoint! So here is the premiere of 'Your Wish Is My Command' by Bish Bash Bosh featuring H-Boogie!


Saw VI

Haha! WHO didn't see this one coming?

WHEN will it end? LxEnts WILL go see though...we were always told 'don't start something you can't finish' and all Well that's our excuse and we're sticking to it! ;)


Lovely Bones

A good few years back, LxEnts came across the following book

We had no idea what it was about but from the very first page we were hooked! To break it down simply, it's about a 14 year old girl who is murdered but who's soul cannot move on until her murder is brought to justice. The story is told from the perspective of the dead girl who witnesses first-hand the heartbreak and extreme pain her family are going through whilst at the same time trying to communicate through any means necessary clues to nail her killer so she can pass over to the other side.

Reading this book was so eeriely haunting, moving and gripping that the thought of a movie was a curious thought which was cast aside just as quick with the fear that all the hard work of the book would be undone by a shoddy cast, an unbelievably fantastical screenplay and Hollywood hype. Then we came across this:

...and were pleasantly surprised! From the trailer it is easy to see that the sensitiveness of the book has been captured beautifully, the cast chosen well and the visual interpretation, breathtaking! We look forward to reviewing this lil gem!


Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Words cannot express how much we cannot wait to see this, despite the fact that it TRULY shows our age! old and wise! Standard!








Saturday, 8 August 2009

BODY Restaurant and Lounge NYC

There are many hotspots in NYC that have become synonomous with a good time on a Friday Night. There's Club Row, boasting the likes of Home/Guesthouse, Prime, M2, and next block anchoring with Cain Luxe as well as Suzie Wongs; Uptown, Harlem to be exact, one name stands alone as far as Friday nights are concerned and that is Body located on 135th and 12th Ave in NYC.

Last night i took my ignaugural trip through there and was not disappointed. Fellas, Ladies, not often do I sing praise but this is the place to be if you are in Harlem or anywhere easily accessible- trust me when I tell you. Great crowd, great music, and the line does not take forever to move, which we all know can be a hassle and a happening venue. Comprised of three rooms each with its own bar and DJ; Body has taken over.

Party Updates

Tonight VP Records Presents its Album Release Party for Reggae Gold 2009
Featuring Sean Paul, Estelle, Movado, Serani, at BB Kings (located 42nd St. btwn 7th & 8th Avenues in NYC)
Music by DJ Self and Norie.....No cover b4 12 A.M. for all with RSVP
Leos are free all night......Hosted by Obie of Motion Entertainment

More Updates:

The Best Damn Saturday Night Period
atPROMENADE NIGHTCLUB COMPLEX 215 W28th St. BTW 7th and 8th Avenues in NYC

Music by: Hot 97's DJ JAZZY JOYCE& International Club King DJ GOLDFINGER
The Hottest Caribbean DJ Team in the Tri-StateTeam RokStar FUGII SLIM & LEGEND

Bottle Spectials:
2 grey goose $500
2 Hennessy or Patron $550
2 MOet $300
2 Clicquot $300
*****Bottles Must be purhased before 2AM*******Dress code strictly enforced

More updates

Sunday August 9th
Secret Garden Sundays Presents
The Sweets Magazine Issue Release Party at Citrine
located 21street btwn 5th and 6th Avenues in NYC
Music by Power 105s DJ Will

OPEN BAR FROM 11PM-12AM Bottle Specials2 Btls Grey Goose - $500 1 Bottle of Grey Goose & Hennessey or Patron $5502 Bottles of Moet Nectar Rose $450 2 Bottles of Moet $3001 Bottle of Moet Nectar Rose $250 1 Bottle of Moet $1751 Bottle of Hennessey or Grey Goose $275 1 Bottle of Patron $300

Friday, 7 August 2009

Core DJ's annual event

To take place Sept. 25-28 in Vegas at the Red Rock Casino and Resort- aimed at uniting DJ's everywhere regardless of affiliation. Plans are listening sessions, seminars, etc. Many top flight labels such as Interscope, Def Jam, Bad Boy, Atlantic, and So So Def are sending representatives. For more info:

Jay Z and Beyonce threatened

A man in Detroit, Michigan has been charged with threatening to kill Hov and B, as well as former football player Jerome Bettis." In a complaint filed yesterday (August 5th) Leon Desmond Barrett alledgedly sent dozens of threatening letters between 2006 and 2009" (