Saturday, 19 June 2010

Not quite as easy as you thought, hey boys!

Last night, at approximately 7:30pm (UK time), I, hereby, declare that I lost precious moments of my life. I will NEVER get those moments back! In actual fact, I would have had SO much more fun watching the undercover and top coat of paint dry. The End.

Well actually, not quite because I feel like I definitely NEED to express my thoughts and feelings on this whole 'debarcle'. Right, so the bottom line...England Team - the arrogance has GOT TO GO. 4 whole LONG years has passed since the last world cup...up and coming teams are desperate to prove themselves as contenders, a lot of teams ACTUALLY care about becoming the best footballer/football team they can be as opposed to how many clubs they can fall out of. THEY WANT THIS AS MUCH (or not as the case may be) AS YOU!

In closing, stop channelling Giggs, coz this really isn't going to be a 'Walk in the Park'. Just accept that it's, clearly, an even playing field and you have to put as much effort in playing Slovenia as you would Argentina! It's REALLY that simple!

Oh yeah, and Rooney...leave the toy throwing antics to didn't use your life savings to t
travel and stay in South Africa only to wish you'd watched it from the outside window of Curry's!

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