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I was scrolling the web and i came across a well written jewel. Now I might be going against a lot of codes as a man but hey somethings need to be spoken upon; AND I wanted to give credit where credit is due. The brother put this together real well. ENJOY!

Have you ever dealt with a cheating man and wondered why did he cheat on me? Have you thought to yourself, ‘I’ve done everything a good woman does and he still cheated on me with another woman?’ Well today I would like to give the ladies a little more insight into the mind of a cheating man.

Most women are good women. They cook, clean, take care of their men and treat their men like kings. Yet, despite the king treatment the man still cheats on the women. Most times leaving women with many unanswered questions. Below you’ll find the answers to the questions women want to know about being cheated on.

Was It worth it? No, a woman’s love is priceless and words can’t truly describe the greatness of a woman’s love. Then when we add in a man’s insecurity it’s really more heartbreaking to the man. Men don’t want their women to be with anyone else except him. So when the woman starts dating again the man is torn apart knowing he messed up his love, in order to give a trick a few back shots in a hotel room. Never thinking the thought of her with another man would ruin him.
Why couldn’t he just be honest? Men do not believe women want to hear the truth. Men also don’t know how to tell the truth and men don’t want to hurt their women. Sure cheating hurts, but if she never finds out she can’t be hurt. This is the twisted logic that allows a man to cheat. Sure it’s irrational but when it comes to sex, who actually thinks straight?
What made him cheat on me? Men cheat for numerous reasons, so some ladies may never get an honest answer for this question. It could be something the woman has done or hasn’t done, but most time it’s simply because another woman is showing interesting and willing to give up the goods. When a man thinks he can get easy and quick sex, 9 times out of 10 he is going to take it. Sadly, it doesn’t matter if he has a girl or if he’s married or even if the woman is attractive or not. To some men sex is sex and they want it.
What goes through a man’s mind after he’s been caught cheating? After a man has been caught cheating a lot of thoughts run through his mind. Men think about the relationship and how good or bad it was. They also understand how much they let the woman down, whether he shows it or not. A lot of times men find it easier to avoid the questions rather than facing the tough questions.

Men know she can’t take the pain, and sometimes men even regret letting the woman fall in love with them in the first place. Simply because cheating men know they will cheat. It’s a history of cheating. Lies help cover the infidelity and despite the lies men know they’ve been caught cheating. The man has been exposed and he is not ready to face his true self. He is not ready to look into his own eyes and stare face to face with the cheater inside him, so he leaves many questions unanswered.

Hopefully this helps a few women get closure, but a woman should never hold on to the pain she received from someone who was never worthy of her love in the first place.

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