Sunday, 29 November 2009

R.I.P Dolla

The family of slain 22 year old Atlanta rapper Dolla celebrated his b day this past week, the 25th of November. The rapper was gunned down in front of the Beverly Center in L.A. reportedly after an incident involving him and a well known ATL promoter, whom just minutes after the shooting was apprehended trying to fly out of town, this past May.

His mom shared with All Hip Hop. com

"Just a few hours before the incident, I spoke to my son and he was on his way home catching a flight out. I stay close to the airport, so he used to stop by," Dolla’s mother Dawnee Robinson exclusively told "He told me what he wanted for dinner. He wanted some yellow rice, cabbage and chicken wings. So I went to the store and made sure I had everything. So when I got the call, I was cooking his dinner.”

“He's always been inquisitive and ambitious and wanted to know everything about everything,” Ms. Robinson told "[He] read everything in sight. Asked a lot of questions and he's always been, you know just a light. I’m so blessed Allah chose me to be his mother.”

While Dolla’s music may have reflected the street life, his mother claimed he was an aspiring rapper who was trying to fulfill his dreams through music and modeling, when he was murdered in cold blood.(all

“My son was always working, always in the studio,” Robinson revealed. “He spent a lot of time at home with us when he wasn’t on the road. So you know, whatever caused this person to murder my son, I'm still in total disbelief and can't understand what would, provoke anyone to do something like,” an upset Robinson stated.

Dolla's career was just beginning to take the climb that he'd always hoped for. In 2007 he signed with Akon's Konvict Music label, after a short lived deal with Dreamworks. To date he had a big single featuring T Pain in which Akon made a cameo on titled, "WHo is That". He was in L.A. finishing his project and visiting his girlfriend when tragedy struck. His mixtape, The Miseducation of Dolla is available on the internet now as a free download. support the music

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Carlina16 said...

Omg I Can't Beleive Someone Would Do Some Like This To Someone Like Him. Bad Things Always Happen To Da Good People. I Can Imagine How His Parents Must Feel Im So Sorry. I Loed Ur Son He Was My Future Husband But Dat Wont HAPPEN. bBut Dolla We Will All B Up There With U One Day And Da Person Dat Did This Ur Time Is Gonna Come Cuz Dat Was Un Call For Messed Up A Good Persons Life Over Some Stupid.
R.I.P Dolla I Miss U So Much