Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trey Songz pays homage to R Kelly, ending beef

It was actually kind of decent while it lasted, but I can speak for a mass of people that did not take pleasure in witnessing this rift by saying 'Good'. Trey Songz recently shared his gratitude and admiration for the body of work that is R Kelly's career, and music; rightfully so, he declared Kel's "The King"

"I love R. Kelly. He recently said that he would love to work with me, said that he's a fan of mine and that's very special to me," Trey told MTV News. "I can't really explain how much that means to me. He's been an influencer and an idol for me for a long time. We had our differences and right now we're in a great place. No matter how well I do, [R. Kelly] is the king forever in my eyes." (As told to MTV News)

Some time back, R Kelly kept it just as positive acknowledging the talent that is out there now, and advising on how to maintain over the years:

"I feel there's a lot of talented guys out there when it comes to R&B, and what I urge guys out there to do, that's coming up under me, [aiming for] longevity, is to stay away from beef........"

"....Stay away from beef, stay true and respectful to music and to the ones that inspired you to do what you do. I think that's going to be the key to having longevity and it's also going to be the key to keeping R&B alive. You don't want R&B singers to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers, let them do that — R&B, be classy. That's for the ladies and having babies and having fun." (As told to MTV News)

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