Tuesday, 21 August 2012

P.I.B. Entertainment Presents: Sa Gotti

Hip hop is represented in full by SaGotti, the latest artist to come out of the New York. A solo act that hails from the hoods of Uniondale and Roosevelt, stage charisma is his focal point. According to 28 years old
Matthew Mendez, a.k.a SaGotti, it's all about the crowd participation. He projects his energy on the stage hyping himself, as well as the audience. SaGotti draws from everyday life experiences so that listners can relate and react. SaGotti brings his own original style which incorporates unique lyrics with an energetic presentation and flow. With big shows like B.E.T 106 & Park and NBC SaGotti Proves that his talent is nothing to play with. Not Only is he an artist but also SaGotti is an actor. With credits like American Gangster and being placed in Metro PCS commercial, SaGotti keeps proving that he is an overall talented person. Last but not least he is currently working on his up and coming mixtape called "WELCOME TO NEW ISLAND". So Many artists comes and go, but Sa-Gotti is here to stay.

Check out the latest visuals of his work:

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