Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Documentary: The Rapper

The Rapper

Set in the digital-age, this docu-drama chronicles the story of three young men with ambitions of making their mark on the music industry; attempting to overcome the obstacles resulting from lack of support, resources, as well the pressures of street life, the three vow to see their dreams come true.

Written/ Directed by Los Angeles native Vincent LaMotte, and shot by acclaimed Cinematographer Alex Santana, The Rapper’s raw and gritty tale of the road less traveled to superstardom is sure to create a cult following; Acclaimed for outstanding visuals and great story lines, the Series is scheduled for a Fall 2012 Premiere.

Categorized as a mashup between The Wire, Mad Men, and Hustle and Flo audiences all over can expect great action, and realistic portrayals.  More than anything, it is what it is ... The Rapper.

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