Friday, 7 January 2011

T.I. in Solitary

Can you blame a man who spends his entire day around other men, and not by choice...sheesh give the guy a break; Now wall know T.I. And Tiny haven't been making the best decisions (I.e. The drug possession that got Tip violated and back in the clink for 11 months) but hey doesn't the notion "in love" count for anything? The modern day Bonnie and Clyde, and not just on record but in real life, have struck again!

Sadly the homey T.I. is the SHU (special Housing Unit) or solitary for those who know. Word has it that on the visit he and Tiny got a little too comfortable, and at some point his zipper was down and she was making it happen with her hand (trying to keep it as PG as we can). As I said that has landed Tip in the hole. Wonder if it was worth it? Tip said "No Mercy" bet the staff aint have no problem accomodating that request

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