Thursday, 20 January 2011

This Cant be life

"Im in the matrix" words of Joe Buddens during the performance. Now let the record be clear that I support rappers who arent too big for their britches. I think more up close and personal appearances should be made, therefore bringing back that element of the fans identification with artists and their music. That has been lost amongst other things. Rap has left the solar system in a lot of ways- artists becoming aliens, andnot in the same context as Lil Wayne's admittance of not being a human being.

Wealth amongst people is few and far in between. Most people are trying to make it, and the ones who used to live like these rappers talk- are non existence. Forgive me for being harsh, they're either buried or in jail; the only two stops made on that yellow brick(PUN) road. With that being said, theres no relation, and if they're is- then there surely is no need to put your money in your pocket when you're just like me (hypothetically speaking) because if you remember correctly the objective is to be the hustler not the customer.

Now to the facts, with a Shady Records deal in tact, who would imagine the itinerary reading "perform on couch in a club in North Philly" I highly doubt Joey signed up for that. Much more respect is due to the fans FIRST, and I applaud Budden's recognition of that, and to the caliber of MC that he is now with a bigger machine behind him- that being the entire INTERSCOPE/SHADY/AFTERNATH umbrella. You may be tensing up just thinking about it- imagine how he feels living it..Roll the videotape please.

By the way Mood Muzik 4 is available now.

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