Friday, 21 September 2012

Lynx Ent. Presents: Sound Frontier

Prepare yourself for another level of sound and music. Sound Frontier represents the voyage to a new dimension in music. Armed with Roots, Rhythm, and Sound, "The Frontier" has put together aspects of Blues, Funk, Jazz, (and anything else they can come up with) to deliver its own sound to the inquisitive music fan. Come one-Come all! Check out the music! Let your mind wander into the latest musical frontier....The Sound Frontier!!!!!!!

Sound Frontier is a trio originally formed at the New Amsterdam Music Association in early 2006 with Chris Hall on bass and Ali Bishop on guitar. By early 2007 Vincent “Sleep” Hicks Jr. was brought on to play drums and the Sound Frontier was complete. Charles Butterfield joined in 2011. A relatively young band, Sound Frontier is still refining their sound without sacrificing their theme of originality and improvisation. Each of their songs is a composition which includes various influences from each member.

“Sleep” brings the thunderous booms of gospel rhythms to the trio. In addition to a gritty urban sound, his drumming provides a solid and pulsing foundation for the Sound Frontier. Charles Butterfield brings a true rock grit which amplifies the sound of the band even more. His fearless bass playing powers the intent of this musical trio. Ali Bishop brings the blues into the mix charged with volume and sound, thereby, completing the equation which yields...Sound Frontier!

Sound Frontier has played in various venues across the city such as S.O.B.’S, The Bitter End, Southpaw, Don Hills, Public Assembly, The Bowery Poetry Club, St. Nick’s Pub, and The Shrine World Music Venue. They have also played in citywide events such as Make Music New York, and the CMJ, and Emergenza Music Festival.


ALI BISHOP-(347)-701-1827


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