Friday, 27 May 2011


Recently I got a chance to parle( with the beautiful Bajan singer and get to know some more about her; a passion for writing and composing which dates back to her early teens, creatively re-tooling Sesame Street jingles and more which turned into writing cheers for the squad in High School. She revealed that it was not until music industry insiders took her seriously, that she did. How's that for not knowing what you have. Thats the honest of doing something for the love, not for the acclaim. Have you ever had a passion? Something you did from the heart? If so, you too can relate.

What happens to a dream deferred? I'll give you one better, what do you do with a dream that comes true? You live it. And when you live it, do it to the fullest. When all else fails, follow in the footsteps of Shontelle, and take full advantage. Her dream- music. Starting from a passion for composition, an awe-inspiring way with words. I think they call that in and of itself an artist. When you add the key, the melody, what do you have- something to share. when its authentic, its undeniable.

Hand-picked by Steve Rifkn CEO-SRC recordings, Shontelle revealed that the decision was a byproduct of seeing that same excitement and faith in her music by Rifkin that she has herself. How's that for a boss? Why be second or just another when you can be the focus. Smart female. "So far so good" with more to come. Available now is the
new single "Say Hello to Goodby" written from the heart, from true experiences, Shontelle shared it definitely executes its purpose. Sometimes you have to recognize the end and go gracefully.

Promo abound, Shontelle is gearing up for an aggressive run at the R&B crown. Stay tuned.

Check out some of her catalog for your enjoyment, in the meanwhile:


Say Hello to Goodbye:

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