Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lynx Ent Presents....Mad Music's Own..... Specialist

Hardwork is said to be the prerequisite to success. Do you disagree? Surely one person who doesnt is Lance Eustache, aka The Specialist. The New York City product has been perfecting his craft for quite some time, capitalizing off of a focus and determination second to none. A true music connoiseur, Specialist is a master at the art of freestyle, but understands the importance of substance and songwriting. The Mad Music representative has long since been a student of creativity, in the form of Hip Hop. At 25 years of age, many would say he comes across as a person far beyond his age, yet very identifiable with his contemporaries.

Adrenaline rushing, sweat pouring, articulately giving his all, you can catch Specialist at home at a show near you. Hustle personified, his mixtape offering " Now or Never" is available now. Take a walk with me, as I present to you......

What other genres of music do you bump, outside of Hip Hop?

I listen to rock, soft rock , jazz , a lil bit of country and classical.

Tell us a little bit about Mad music, whats the movement like, how did you guys hook up?

Mad Music is a group that was form about in 08. Its members consist of Zoneout, Quan Don, Sity, KoolHand, TripStone, Mane, Charmz and myself! Basically this movement is a bunch of independent artist that want to bring back real hip-hop. This group pretty much covers all genres of music and time zones. SHOUT OUT TO MAD MUSIC.

What are some projects you have done already?

I have a compilation cd out with MAD MUSIC (vol1) and as well as my mix tape that's out now called its"now or neva". My album coming soon to I-Tunes ; I'm also featured on other mixtapes such as Army Of Two's full metal jacket , Introduction Vol. 2, and Coney Island Shoulda Been on the Map

what defines Specialist as a person and as an artist?

Basically if you know me , you would know my friends nickname me special because of the type human being I am. I'm very rare , the things I say and do are uncommon just like my music .

Why rap as a means of expressing yourself?

Growing up I was always very shy and quiet but loved music. Music touches my soul and brings out the inner most feelings and thoughts of me .

If you only could have 5 songs on an ipod, what would they be?

That's a tough one but I would have to say Joe Buddens- all of me, Micheal Jackson's- Human Nature, Specialist- Trapped, Eminem- Spend some time and Zoneout- therapy

What can we look forward to upcoming for Specialist?

For starters you can check out my "imma fool" video on youtube as well as my album coming soon to I-Tunes like I said. My mixtape is out right now on titled its now or neva: Besides that I'm just grinding. More videos , shows , blogs ,radio interviews, websites ,and more music of course. Stay tuned

Where are some of the places you have performed?

To date, I have performed at The Pyramid Club , Amarachi Lounge , and L.O.X Lounge to name a few.

There you have it the brother Specialist and Mad Music. Bringing you all back to the essence of rap, real rap as they call it. Get in tuned with the music, the movement. Check out the latest from specialist as well. Mad Music 2011 and beyond

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