Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lynx Entertainment Presents....Qui The Last Word

His talent explains the true meaning of an artist and phenom. Gifted like most but stands in a category of no other. His ability for greatness exceeds the industry expectance and an energy force that has not been measured since the Motown days. He is destin to surpass all odds and break the industry mold of what it is to be a rapper. Qui’s # 1 hit such as DESTINY a song that always keeps the fans and followers astonished and songs like, SLIDE & HANDS UP. These two songs are definitely favorite crowd pleasers and keep you partying all night long.

Qui born as Troy Jackson June 29 1980 a cancer sign was born into music. Both his parents have the last name Jackson. These Queens native were part of male and female groups back in the 70’s a time where music was defining and shaping our culture for difference. Phenomenally music was culturally rooted in his blood. Qui is the youngest of 4 sibling boys. Raised in South Jamaica Queens where basketball from the fifth grade till high school became his goal until he found music. In the 11th grade of high school, he joined a rhyming group called UNC a very popular local hip hip group. Later on Qui and his friend started an entertainment company called F.A.M.E ENT; it stands for (Focus Artist Maintaining Excellence).

Destin for greatest and determine to break into the business, Qui intern back in 96-97 for Def Jam. He was part of their free promotional street team “Watch out Jayz he’s coming”. In 2001 he release his first full song called TOP NOTCH. Shortly after this song was released his brother was killed in September 11, 2001 tragedy. Qui’s brother was one of those heroic firefighter who sacrifice their lives to save others every day. Sadly to say he lost his brother and piece of himself on that tragic day. His brother served the 252 Unit in Brooklyn. After the loss of his brother Qui a.k.a Troy Jackson spend time away from his craft to be with his family doing that tragic time.

He made a comeback in 2003 where he did a mix tape with his group called industry free agents. The 2nd mix tape was in 2004 called the walk of fame. In 2006-2007 he recorded a song called move it for a vocabulary group called defined minds for a sat- prep for the book and CD. Channel 2 news had the privilege of recording him during one of his recording sessions. It did not stop there, in 2008 with non-stop performances, showcases and tours. Performing all over in cities like North Carolina, Maryland, NYC and Queens in some of the well-known venues that include Club Amuzura, Karma and The Times Square Art Center also performs for some very important politicians in the community at their functions. In 2010 he signed with ETL Entertainment Management to help further his career. In 2011 he put out the video to his number# 1 crowd pleaser destiny. Qui is currently working on his record label Total Control Records and DJ Company Called TC. His first artist lights Out is also from queens they are in studio creating hits along with Qui. He has strong affiliations with Hype Kills, DJ Feeka 2000, and R&B singer West Brooke.

Qui The last Word with his drive for more and destin for greatness, this is his honor heart & soul to get his self to the top this is destiny.


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Erina Lettsome

Etl Entertainment

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