Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cool Kids: When fish Ride Bicycles

Check out the Cool Kids breaking down the science behind the cover; is there a meaning? Dont take everything you see so seriously:

"It's a dude in a fish suit, on a bike," Mikey Rocks, accompanied by an agreeing Chuck Inglish, told SOHH. "At the time, we was just messing around because when you sit with something for three years and you can kind of give it a story, it's just new for rap. I don't want to be taken too serious. That's not what we got in this for. We don't want people to sit and argue about how gangster or real we are. I want to do sh*t and bring it down to the people that I'm not even ashamed of. "I see the whole other side of the street life that these rappers want to glorify," he added. "I've been around these kids. I know dudes who can't come around for Christmas because they sell crack. You rap about that sh*t but when Christmas comes up and grandma's at the house, you ain't gonna show up. That whole other side of doing what's me and not trying to tell kids how thug we were, I don't want that sh*t. I'd rather have someone see [the album cover] and be like, 'What the h*ll is that?' And then when they listen to it, they're stuck. They're in it for life. So Fish Ride Bicycles was just a goofy name we came up with three years ago and breathed light into it. It wasn't even planned, my homeboy built a fish suit and was like, 'Look at this fish suit I built.' And I was like, 'D*mmmmn. We can take a picture of that and just make it the cover.'" (SOHH(

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