Friday, 10 June 2011

Stable: A Hustla's Story

Some circles proclaim that a hustler is as a hustler does. Now thats not to say that theres a specific promotion happening of anything illegal, rather a celebration of a certain vitality; a spirit that exists in those who fall in the category of " A Go Getta." Stable is that. Gather around Hustlers and listen to your theme song, an ode to your calling. The hustle. That very thing which wakes you up each and everyday. That which gives you the power, the will, the momentum- to keep going. Where, thats only for you to know.

Its not a secret where Stable is going- to the top, with plans to put the rap game on his back.

A Hustla's Story is the first step. No not a crawl, a giant step. Ever seen bigfoots prints in the sand? Well here they are- acknowledge. Understand if you will, that is if you can. If you're a hustler you'll get it. If you're not, you'll learn. Pay close attention as the blueprint is provided by Stable in " A Hustla's Story"


Made in Harlem EP (Coming Soon)
Stable Musik Group LLC, 2011
ALL Lyrics are created and Published by STABLE
(Stai E Z Publishing ASCAP 2011)

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