Wednesday, 20 April 2011

With All Due Respect

Carmelo Anthony might have played one of the greatest games I have ever personally seeen with my own eyes. A few fall into that category which Im not exactly sure I viewed but I know are on that level; Kobe's 81, MJ's 69, Lebron's 50 against Detroit in the East Finals where he single handedly took Cleveland to the NBA Finals.

It is efforts like these that help clarify the distinguished category "SUPERSTAR". Superstars rise to the occasion, and true fans can appreciate that. As I watched the Celtics-Knicks game last night, the basketball purist in me made me fortunate to witness that display. When it comes to pure heart and desire, Carmelo displayed it all last night. A part of me wish I could run out on the court and grab a rebound or take a charge to help the cause. Thats love and basketball at its highest.

On the other hand I felt disgusted with the effort of the rest of the Knicks players whom showed no type of passion. (exception: Ronnie Turiaf) I am trying my hardest not to turn this into to a Knicks bashing segment, I love my city and the team. I appreciate what they have been able to accomplish this year but some things are just inexcusable. In order to take that step to the next level, the idea of moral victories has to become unacceptable.

I think that the Knicks owe it to Melo, and the city of New York to get their swag back this Friday, if not for anything- pride. The pride that one takes in playing the game they vowed their heart and life to.

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